Monday, May 9, 2011

PhotoBlog - Eating at Marche GrandIndo

Armed with empty tummy, it was nice to have a war with plenty food of American dose..... 

I've ever visited Marche restaurant back when I was in grade school with my sister when she was still staying in Jakarta and with my mom. The name was Marche Movenpick. A nice place in Gran Melia Hotel, Kuningan. Years away I've never visited there again, until I heard a year ago, that there was Marche in Plasa Senayan.

Yep, it's next to XXI Cinema, right across the elevator =P To be honest, I've never had time to visit that one, but then when I hanged out in my usual place, GI.... another Marche!

My friend just visited me again in Jakarta after his short stay in Canada. We decided to have a lunch together. We chose Marche. I can say it was an appropriate time to try. The difference from the previous Marche I'd ever been into is the card. Hmm... back in 2000, they didn't give an electric card, they would just give you a carton card to be stamped each time you order a meal or drink in every station. Since, the so-called technology development, they do less-paper. 

Yet, unlike the previous Marche style, each type of cuisine is divided in a different station. Briefly, when you want to eat pasta, you can simply find all of pasta cuisine choices in one station and if you want soup, just go to soup station. The same thing goes to drinks, cookies and anything else.

Just make sure you have gone all around and choose what to eat at the end... Too many tempting choices =P


An example of good communication tactics

My dear partner in crime, Ivan!

Still interested with this? I do
At least, they provide fun pages for children
My friend was interested too =)

My beef pasta!
Ivan's chicken pasta!

It was...reserved!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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