Monday, May 30, 2011

Rest and Rest

(If you ever read this) You might be bored of me saying 'my so-called wake up call just came up'. It's been like the hundred times (read: couple times) I've said that. Yet, I never call it quit!

Quit? From my school, work(s), hobbies, to other naughty stuffs (let's say, blogging). I love it, and just can't stop doing what I love (for this one, let's say it as the reason I can't have a date, beside the fact I'm a nerd!!)

Last week, I couldn't go to school on Monday. That's because...

One day before, on Sunday, I had a meeting at 12pm and I was almost late. I woke up juist 2 hours before the meeting starts. Then, I rushed to the office without taking any meal.

My tummy started to hurt one hour after the meeting. I was hoping that I would get food after the meeting was over. Yet, my friend asked me to join her and got some meal aaannndd.....we continued 6 hour journey after that. I went home late and that means... I missed my dinner (again).

I did buy some drugs as acid reducer. Somehow, it didn't work any good. My tummy hurt again that night and continue hurting till the morning! I took a couple of zantax and finally it healed me! How I love American drug...

Yet, I got stumbled on my eating schedule on Tuesday and almost killed me at night. Wednesday I felt better, but then I got sick again, Friday afternoon.The third incident cost me 2 meeting cancelations on Saturday. I thought it wasn't a good idea. But, it turned out good.

Sleep, sleep, sleep!
It's been like forever I never had my weekend at home. Only one day of two days of the weekend. I had a quality time with my mom, nephew and niece, and a little time with my dolls. I could tidy up my bedroom, play some games....but still.... I had to work on some articles as I'm applying for a new job and those 3 articles were one of the things for me to get accepted. Also I needed to recheck on my team's work for a national newspaper. Things got crazy actually at the last moment... Yet, I had my quality time anyway!

The points is....full time to rest. Not to work!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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