Thursday, July 14, 2011

Team Up With Media Indonesia

It's kinda late to share but I do really wanna share it. The reason why I'm late to write about this is.. I need the screenshot and stamped with my addressee.

I have teamed up with some girls in my Journalism Club at school to run this one-full page of Move Maker Project in Media Indonesia, one of the national press in the country. It was really an honor and huge experience for me. But...if I may add and continue, there was still drama behind the scene of this project.

What drama? Nevermind. I will post the uncut version of my story that I got from Gia, my interviewee. I have to share the main article space with 3 other people, although one of theirs isn't published. So only 3 stories in the main article, yet my own writing filled like almost 2 and a half part of those 3 columns. And it's still cut. So, for my appreciation, I'm going to post his amazing life story in this blog soon.

No matter what it's a precious experience... So far, I've been writing for internal media which all of your article will be published, the editor would give so much help, and the content is limited to college students, employee and teachers. You know.. it's how internal media works. Trying to find an appropriate theme for the whole one page...for the whole country really a big deal for me. It's team work, the theme is set. Autism, it is.

Most people stress on parents' effort and existence for autistic children. They forgot, if the autistic children have siblings, it could be more help than ever.

On 3 July 2011, my MI project was published. It's really late.. but better than never. My name is there in the main article, luckily the first one mentioned. =P

What happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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