Thursday, August 18, 2011

(Crazy) Night Out For Writers

So I’ve been thinking lately about staying out late at night somewhere far (not that far) from home.

I want to write. As I’m a night person, I enjoy the dark of the night and cold breeze along those wonderful hours. It would create great mood to write. More fun? Getting away from home, staying nowhere. Temporary nomadic. Writing with amazing view of town in the night, with only city lights and wandering car lights. Interesting?

In Jakarta, I’ve been searching place to write, cozzy place with perfect view. I got my laptop now I can write mobile. There are some 24-hour cafes to go and to write at. 

But before, what’s good about it? First, I’ve been a very home person. I stay at home more and only gain inspiration in my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and my noisy garden. With the heat and busy neighbour screaming out loud to almost everyone. Getting somewhere new and be outside at those hours (late, dark, empty roads, breezy) is just something felt so amazing and different to me. Challenging power as my mood booster. 

And now, I’m quite early, not at the time like i mentioned, but I’m just inspired to write at this Lounge, at Mulia Senayan Hotel in Jakarta. Actually, I’m waiting for tonight’s fashion show but I arrive too advance. I decided to visit the lounge to get some tea or coffee. This time, I know my idea to write out....will work!

Here are some recommendations for you:   

Busy street. Enjoy seeing them from above,
not in the middle of it!
  1.  Starbucks Kemang. Open 24-hours. They got second floor and which is outdoor one. Write above the busy streets in Kemang. Kemang is always busy no matter what time it is. The breeze and the sound of people chatting around you, laughing out loud are perfect background. 
  2. Social House Grand Indonesia. Actually it’s not 24-hours, but it opens till late for the weekend. Try to get seated by the window with HI fountain view. OMIGOSH... Wonderful night! And have fun dating with your writing project ^^
  3. Sarinah. They got many places open for 24 hours, there are Starbucks, Oh La La Cafe and Burger King. I prefer to go Starbucks and Oh La La (they also got nice meal). And the opposite road, there’s sarinah building where there’s MU cafe. It’s not 24-hour I guess, but kewl. And also McDonalds, they also got a cafe at the second floor, nice place to write.   

    ...and oh, the waitress just lit the candle on my table. It’s almost 6 pm, getting darker, getting more romantic here!
    4. Rent an apartment. I suggest Kempinski, Sudirman Park, or Rasuna. Try to get a room on 20something level and enjoy the night view that boost your mood.
    5. In US? Try to have a road trip, and in the middle oh high way, there’s always a stop-by coffee shop, isn’t it? Try it!
    6. Lounge at Mulia Hotel. This is the place where it all started. Enjoy the cozzy atmosphere and the jazz band starting at 6 pm. You’ll love it. Everytime you got stuck, just distract your mind and enjoy the music!
The candle light is lit. And the jazz band has just started. Romantic!

Why is this all for? Here’s a video that ‘scientifically’ explains about this idea.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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