Monday, January 31, 2011

Ling's Happy Place Giveaway!

Yay... another giveaway!

I visited this cute blog months ago and I keep following since then. It's about my long lost hobby scrapbooking, but this time I try card-making. Kinda different from the one I tried when I was in high school.

Anyway... if you like scrapbooking, Ling's Happy Place is holding a giveaway you can join! Yippee...

All you need to do is comment on her blog post about how you find her blog. The complete terms and conditions you can read on the blogpost. And this is the first scrapbooking giveaway I ever join and this is the first giveaway that doesn't ask you to follow the blog first. But, you won't regret following her blog. Many cute stuffs you will look for more... =)

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Post In The Dawn

It's Saturday dawn almost 4am when I'm starting to write this blog. I haven't slept. And that's the latest fact from me now.

This is the last week of half-freedom before final exam of my 5th semester. I call this as half freedom coz the college is off, but not for the work as a teacher.

I'm thinking to write the first post of A Teacher's Story at my blog but I'm stuck. Maybe it has reached the half part.

It's 4am of Saturday and I got to wake up early as I got an appointment with my friend, Ivan, who happens to still be around in Jakarta, not in Canada like he told me months ago when we had some kind of farewell for him. He called me in the evening yesterday, asking for lunch. Till now, I can't still believe he's around in town. Then at night I'd have a film screening to attend at Salihara. It would also be a chance to meet my friends from Q. It's been awhile.

And I wanna show you a new card design of mine.

Just be TOGETHER =)

What do you think?

It took 2 days to think about and only one hour to finish.

It's called "Before"

First time, It was like the one right above this paragraph. Without any buttons on the ribbon. Then, I thought, it's quite too weird. I don't know, but I thought that way. Then I added some buttons. 

I made the butterfly myself on a simple paper, then I coloured it with my Copic markers. I have exercised to use it. It's kinda different with common colouring kits. 

Yesterday was funny, too. I mean...not that funny. It's just that I didn't get a headache for the first time in the week. I usually had a headache every 10-12pm without any clear reason whether I'm overexhausted, catching a cold, eye problems, or anything...

But first I promise to get myself checked to an optician, get a new pair of high-heeled shoes and a new sport shoes for school, new hair cut and a laptop. My current laptop is kinda sick, it's definitely rather tired.

Oh ya, how many of you like chocolate milk? I try Milo for these weeks lately and it's cool. But my dad just bought a pack of it, but Malay one. I just found a small sachet that has been opened and half gone. My dad usually drinks half sachet. I decided to try the Malay Milo, the rest half of my dad's, but it turned out not good. Feels more like black coffee. Or maybe my dad has re-mixed it. Damn!

Wish me luck for next week's final tests! I'm nervous...

So, it's 4.27AM (according to my laptop's time), it's time to catch some sleep. Good night, eh, good morning I mean. *faints*

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Things You Need To Know About DSLR Camera

The last two weeks, I attended a cultural event at my campus. I never got interested in school/college stuff or events. But this time, as I got to photograph the events, I came.

Then, I realized there was a girl, holding a camera, kept looking and observing me. At first, I thought she was one of the documentation member in the committee that held the event. Later, I found out, she wasn't.

I smiled at her and asked whether she was in the committee. She surprised me that she barely spoke Indonesian. She told me in English, "You looked like a real photographer," with Chinese accent, like a Singaporean. Indeed, she spoke Chinese fluently, too. Then, she told me that she attended to the show as her cousin was in the committee, and not her. She was coming from Malaysia.

We exchanged our names and FB accounts to maintain further contacts. Still, I knew she was quite observing on my camera. And I didn't know why. She later broke the ice by asking whether she might give me some advice in camera lens and accessories. She told me that she used to work in selling camera stuffs while she was in Malaysia.

FILTER. I was using Kenk* for my filter and she said it's not a good one. In Malaysia, Kenk* is available for free gifts. The good one is H*ya and one brand she mentioned but I forget. How to know whether the filter is good or not. The best filter for your camera is when it doesn't show too much reflections. Try to look at yourself in the lens with filter! You'll know it. And never think not to use the lens without a filter. Probably some things happen and would scratch your lens, then it's fatal.

LENS. For Can*n, they have 3 level of quality for lenses. The lowest quality lens got silver ring circled on it. The medium quality is brown and red for the best quality. For this one, I'm tricked too!

I heard from some people too that using HOOD could be more helpful too!

So far, it's the only thing I could share about photography. More about photohunting on the next post =)

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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Photos Published on FTJ Newspaper

Hiya, friends!
Do you miss me?

Awwww.... yeah! I intended to post two days ago but I got a strong headache so I fell down and decided to rest and sleep. On Saturday, I felt even worse. Dizzy and so weak, can't do to much. Sunday? I felt good in the morning and was ready to go out for a photo hunting with my old friend, Marcel.

But I wanna share something before. Last friday (again), I was told that my article on Dian Kusuma had been published on ShowCase (read my previous blogpost or on ShowCase website). The second, my photos were published on FTJ newspaper and I got the copies! Lastly, surprisingly, my lecturer asked me to review his book ( he wrote a book, wow! ) This is soooo gonna be cool and exciting.

Inside sneakpeek on some events I took pics of...

I would share more pics I took during the events on this blog, too! =)

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More Card More Stuff

Holaa! I'm so happy to announce my friend's Sally just gave birth to a baby boy. Although I live far away from her and the baby, I can feel her happiness and I would like to share the joy!

And for Sally, I can't give you and the baby something from where I am now. So I would only make this card for you! Hope you like it... 

Details =)

And for scrapbookers... I found another place to get some scrap-kits in Indo. It's Playola in Plaza Semanggi, right beside the cinema on 7th floor (if I'm not mistaken). Here are some pics I took at the store. 

The Decorative Papersheets!

Would make your cards cuter!

A scrapbook album sample available in the store


I want 'em all!

Oh yeah! These too!

More papers!

The only thing I regret is that they don't provide cardstock and rubber stamps. They have some glitters selections, rub-ons and stamps, as well as embosser. There are also some decorative papers in small cuts, various in one pack. Yee-ha!

*dancing* =)))))

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Interview Dian Kusuma from Le Mariage on Showcase, Published!

Last Friday, 14th January, I spent my whole day in campus---morning classes to evening event to report. I got a few hours to talk to my editor and asked how my interview doing. She said it was posted already. I was shocked... I just knew it and hadn't told kak Dian about it.

I checked the page and told her that it's published on the net...

The interview was my first time for Showcase. It shows articles about alumnae and their new life after graduating and enduring work life. I thought it was interesting to try and I found out that it IS really interesting. I contacted Kak Dian for an appointment last year and we met in Plaza Senayan. She was very cool, friendly and helpful to me for this article.

Kak Dian Kusuma is a Advertising and Marketing Manager of Le Mariage magazine. She was the former Fuji Ambassador and graduated from London School. So proud, she's my senior!

I enjoyed the interview and happy that lots of interesting stuff to write. She told me many things of her work life that might worth to know by me and other students who are so dying of getting graduated soon, and of course, dreaming of this job!

And the end, she looked like my old friend, back in high school. Hehehe...

For reading the article, click here.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Actually, I don't eat a lot
Now I eat a lot

Actually, I got flat tummy
Now I don't

Actually, I don't take my drugs
Now, I take them

Actually, I listen to the Corrs
Now, to Vertical Horizon, Duffy, Rihanna, The Ting ting, Daftpunk, Zazie, Utada Hikaru and even to Korean Song

Actually, I study for my test
Now, I deal with lucks

Actually, I drink coffee when I write
Now, I burst my tummy with lemon tea

Actually, I didn't cry when I finished the video game
Now, I'm very touched

Actually, I went home and fell asleep
Now, I fell on Jigoku Shoujo and Cartoon Network's Power Puff Girls

Actually, those are what happened to me lately
Now, I don't know what to do

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Lately with Hypersomnia

Sorry, the last two weeks were crazy!

I think I have this hypersomnia thing, which is to sleep too much. I can't stand to stay up late and I went to bed at 8-10pm! Amazing, ain't I?

Ok, you can call me 'Miss Piggy' ...

News from me is that I'm still stuck with college sh*ts (read: projects) and work. And there, I also got hypersomnia. My body gets weaker and falls to sleep naturally without I could avoid it. I realize now that I ran out of my back-up energy. I'm 20 years old and you can count how many days in my life I got a long enough sleep. Mostly in my holidays, I spent sleepless and in school days, I also got lack of sleep for my tasks and exam preparation.

I talked to my friend, James, about something else, but in that chance he told me that he could work 14 hours in a day. Well, that gives me something to think about. I never make a calculation on how many hours I've spent in a day for sleep, work, rest, etc.

If we got 24 hours a day and 8 hours to sleep, then the rest is 16 hours only. So far, I have spent 2-4 hours to sleep and the rest hours to school and work. A little time in the middle for eating, taking shower and short rests. Now, I realize why I lost so many precious time for others and even for myself. I'm thinking to start calculating and keep on my free style life habits.

The benefits of getting hypersomnia are that I got enough amount of sleep, I wake up on time and fresh, and I didn't get sleepy during classes. One more thing is that I got some energy recharged. But there's always minus point which is that many things took more time to be done.

And yeah... I've changed a bit. Lately, I prefer to stay home. I'll choose not to go out for a short-time plan, and will go to day-time plan. I don't know, I just want to spend the rest of my remaining life time with my family, with my mom, with my baby nephew and my 10-year-old niece who might come anytime she could or wants. I don't want to do something stupid. I wasn't born for something big, but  at least, being around them would make a bit difference I hope. 

Also, I've learned a lot...that it's hard to define a relationship, without you make clear about it. I have decided that I've closed my heart and no more relationship that would bring me drowning into another love tragic drama. But I don't deny that I might fall for another new feeling to a new person, but in strange relationship that can't be defined. Too intense to be just a friendship, too far to be announced as love relationship. Confusing relationship. But what would confuse you is the guy himself? What he wants and how he sees the relationship as both people involve in this kind of relationship can accept and consider in different ways. Tiring...

This Hypersomnia actually became one of my wake-up call that I have a short time... And I got to do something for sure. *sigh*

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Smart and Logical, Dudes!

The thing the kids used to be proud of... is over! Power Balance trend is dead. Why? The users have been tricked. Sorry to say, CONGRATULATIONS!  

I remember people keep asking me whether I knew the Power Balance and all. I said, yes, but they would jump to the next question, why don't you wear it? or do you actually have one? You all could bet, if I said no, they would asked why I don't as it's trending. 

I never liked the trend to be honest. Why? Coz I just wanna be different! Following the trend means you follow where all people with no style go. I got my own style, no matter people like it or not, or even whether I show it at school or not. The only trend I follow is the trending topic on Twitter =P

Anyway, despite the trend, people believe that the Power Balance bracelet has an impact on health to the users. It was told before that the hologram on bracelet stimulated the natural energy in the user's body itself. Ok, I know this is 2011 and things get amazingly sophisticated, but since when a hologram can work on energy source of the body to make balance? 

Be logical!

Living in capitalist country, high rate of consumerism is no longer questionable. And Indonesia is one of unique consumptive country, slaved by capitalism. Somehow the capitalism urges the consumptive behaviour, within collusion that expands apartments available for infestation, department stores and night life business. People are spoiled to live among this sparkling lights in town and as there are so many things to try. 

Social envy is getting more common, that leads to intense consumption. Buying habit grows higher into social illogical consumptive competition---buying more and more, forgetting the possible affordability and is overshadowed by the fact of unemployment rate of 11% (reported by Sala Kannan, Daily Reckoning) and 14% of 231 population (reported by LIPI). 

People learn that collusion is the subject of all the matters of the root of capitalism. Yet, they compromise to consume what capitalism offer. Yet, the goods and services they bring up have become the trend that people follow. The fine miscellaneous goods and services are becoming hard to resist and form into a part of lifestyle that people enjoy. This is the start of the addiction of the buying habit to consume us back. Capitalism that comes from collusion turns away as a matter. 

Fashion trend is only one thing that's obvious. There are many addiction that brought up by consumerism, like gadgets. Some people don't need every gadget, but as for the trend, they go buy it. The mind set has step away from focusing on capitalism to trend following habit as the source of the problem. Leaving the fact that the government's collusion act which start the whole complicated humans' living habit is to take the blame. 

People would always to think to try new things on sale for trend sake---losing the logical mind. 3rd party like banks with their credit card offers push this habit ever worse. In Indonesia, people are too much spoiled with these kind of promotion as the product and service marketing strategy isn't targeting luxury to the luxury group of target audience, but to lower class group to develop their consumptive behaviour, stepping on their financial difficulty or low buying ability. Here's the competition to follow the trend is getting higher and tight. People won't ever buy things or services for quality or need, but for winning the trend. 

I'm only a piece of dust... so let's get naked and be inspired!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Was... in That Publisher's Office

Would you believe me that I really finished my 1st novel at 17 years old, after 2 years writing and self-editing it?

Would you believe me THAT proud publisher didn't consider my novel at all, like they simply ignored it?

You'd better believe me.

I write this post for my special fellow blogger, Owl =) So here's the whole story:

My novel was about girl in the States who developed a virtual friendship with a 5-year-older boy from Phillipines. They had deep admiration to their fave celebs. But as for the boy, he was too naive and didn't know how 'being-in-love' things work, and for the girl, she didn't know how to differ her real life and her own fantasy. Apart of being delusional, she knew that she was lonely and mentally sick. The overall story was just telling how friendship could really go well in life and was describing the teenage life among fragile society under showbiz media power.

The novel was written in Indonesian, with English names for all the characters, except the ones I described as Asian, and set in US, Phillipines, and France. It's targetted for readers aged 15-22.

After 2 years battling with less time to sleep and writer's block, I did it. It's done. I remember how I couldn't believe it myself. But I ended up editing it, again and again. In a few months, I said to myself, it's now or never, I have to go to THAT publisher. I made a call for the whole procedures that I had to prepare in submitting my manuscript. At the time, I was just ready.

I asked my uncle's driver to get me there. I was accompanied by a classmate. For a misunderstanding, I went to wrong office. So THAT publisher has many offices, one for newspaper, one for book-publishing, one for magazine, and one for bookstore main office. And I went to their office for newspaper! I was in my high school uniform, complete, from head to toe, with a brown map of manuscript in my hands. The receptionist was confused to know a highschooler writer brought along a hundred-pages manuscript, the longest she ever saw, as the office would only accept articles and short stories manuscript that would be published in Sunday editions. Later, I was told that I should get to another office. It wasn't far. So I just walked there.

Ok, the things in the publisher's office was good. I met the person, got the paper signed, and all. And just went straight home afterthat. But, I remember when I was in the sitting room, one of the employees saw me waiting and asking why I was there. I told her that I wanted to submit a manuscript. Then she simply judged by looking at me wearing high school uniform, "Oh, it must be teen-lit!" I was like, c'mon, I didn't tell you what it is about, so don't guess!

The person who signed the paper told me that they would contact me about the publishing status in 3 months. But when it's time, I didn't receive any call or email. I decided to be the one who call first. They answered me unfriendly that they hadn't finished yet. Ok, I just gave them some extra 2 months, and made a call again. Nothing happened. Another call after 2.5 months since my last call, the unfriendly woman replied me again, and saying the same. It was on Thursday I remember. But on Friday, the package that was sent to my house told all about the truth. How could they say that they hadn't finished but was able to send it back to my house, along with rejection letter, IN A DAY?!

When I saw the package was stamped from THAT publisher and was thick, I knew that inside the envelope was my manuscript. It's rejected...., I said in my mind, without opening the package and read the letter. I just knew it. I was sad. But, it's normal. It's my first novel and no great authors who never got rejected at their first time. I cheered myself up and promised to myself that I would do better and keep struggling.

For my surprise, my manuscript was clean. No one ever touched it. For months, they hadn't read it or do anything about it. My friend told me that I could call them again to ask the editor why they rejected me. I did it. I need to keep my big heart works, I need to learn to accept the lack I have. The editor told me that my story cannot be published as the story was too common. There were many books who were similar.

I was like, c'mon, like you ever read the first page!

Once I met a guy whose book got published by THAT publisher said that if you have connection or big people they know, it's going to help. Me, I don't have anyone. I was all alone. And I don't want my book gets published just because great people behind my back to support. I want it published if it's really good and worth to read. Fair game!

So, that's all folks! =) Hope you can find the right publisher for you! It's not about how big the publisher is for your book, but how big is your work for the publisher. And don't forget, great marketing strategy! Once you get rejected, just for you know, it's not the end. And if you're accepted, it doesn't mean it's the end, it's actually the new beginning for more adventure lies ahead.

Good luck!
I wish you all the best =)

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New Year's Eve 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Whew.... Today's 2 January, which means we're going to go back to school and work again soon. Duh! I guess, it would be wise to start my cloudy Sunday morning with writing on what happened on my NYE. Oh... and this is card to share with you... 

3rd card-making stuff =)

Without planning anything before, I was thinking that my NYE 2010 would be just the same like previous years---silence, lonely and typing of non-sense on my laptop. But 2010 was different! Lol xD Thanks to my friend, Yuli, who dragged me into someone-I-don't-know's private party, which was sooo fun! Hehehhe....

Crisis, really?

Firstly, we met at GI and saw Harvey Nichols having a garage sale. It will close down. Financial crisis, that's the word. For those you don't live in Indonesia and shocked to know that we have Harvey Nichols, raise your hand (read: tell me on the comments)! Yeah, I'm living in a biased country. Don't worry, not only Harvey Nichols, we also have Debenhams, and Seibu in couples A-list department stores! 

We hopped away and grabbed something to eat at Epicentrum, a new mall in Kuningan, who hasn't got so many visitors yet. When we came to get some dinner in Brusselsspring, the whole thing was so stuffy at that mall as they were holding some kind of party. Well, hey, in Brusselspring, I found the tea I saw in Marie Antoinette movie (Sofia Coppola, 2006). Yay! Freak me? Okay... 

Feels like Marie Antoinette! =P

There we met some other friends like Eym, Chicko and his boyfriend, Andris. From there, we hung out at 711 and off to Rasuna Apt, where the private party was held, with no one I knew. Creepy? Not really! The people were fun and all. Later, I know some of them are sort of celebs on Twitter. We spent time playing Wii with lots of laughters and screams. Sadly, it was hard to use your cellphone for internet matters like UberTweeting and Facebook. No coverage! Believe it or not. 

When it's up to 00.00 of 1st Jan, my feeling wasn't that well. Personal drama! *ugh* Love matters are always becoming shits in my life. Among the crowd, I felt all alone. 

The view from the 28th level apt was GREAT! Night sky with city lights above. How romantic! It would be added to my 2011 resolution to move out soon. I have to get my own place. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my DSLR camera, so I took some pics only with cellphone. It's kinda hard to capture fireworks at the right time. 

In the night
View in the morning!

Anyway, I wanna share my end-year shopping... Books and one new dress. Yippee! I bought a new dress, which was hard to find the fit size for me, and I ended up went back-and-forth to the shopkeeper, asking for least size. I fell to XXS size, as usual. *sigh* I went to 3 bookstores, Gramedia GrandIndo for Doraemon Comic series 11-20 (pack), The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larsson, Beatrice and Virgil - Yann Martel, Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, and Roald Dahl's Matilda. Then I moved to Kinokuniya for 7th Garfield fat cat 3-pack comic strips, and last at Times in Pacific Place for Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper. 

Yeah! Book-nerd rocks!
Ok, this new year of 2011, I started with some careless attitudes. I broke almost my cash on my ATM, one of my account. Now, I don't know how to live in the next 1 month....

Sinful act evidence

See you later on next days in 2011!

...and I'm only a piece of dust... Let's get naked and be inspired!