Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#aTeacher'sStory - (Part2-a) Work, Surprises, and Police Station

My second day... What makes any different? From the shocking day before to sickening morning classes at campus. What a nice first teaching day opening! Nothing changes except the fact that I would meet the teacher I was replacing, and my students.

Couldn't believe that I needed to be really hurry to leave school and headed to work. I usually could spent a little time for group work after lectures were over and even to visited some cinemas nearby for some new movies. I would miss taking a nap, too, for sure!

I was asked to come at 2pm again and the girl I was going to replace would come at the same time, so we could meet and talk about the whole things I needed to know and to prepare. From the first day, I could conclude that I would meet those two classes I had to teach, the curriculum, the text books they used and the kids. After that, that would be continued with the scene where I had to go to the police station, regarding the loss of my wallet.

I met my bosses when I got there and they were really sorry. "We're so ashamed that something like this could happen you," Mr. Gerry said. 

Then, they insisted to reimburse the money I lost. "No, it's not your fault, no need to change the money. I could let it go," I said. But they refused and kept insisting, so I could jump to conclusion that those people were so nice to me. 

That day I was kinda late actually, but yet, that girl I was replacing was even worse. 2.10pm and she was still nowhere in sight. The call was supposed to be at 2pm because her classes started at 2.30pm, my boss hoped that maybe that girl and I could chat or discuss more about the whole situation that would enable me to replace her better. While waiting for her, my manager told me that the boy I met who had some kind of syndrome or anything...was in my class! Surprise!

"His name is Reza and he lacks of his parents' control and attention," said Mr. Gerry. "So if you think he's kinda weird, yes he is, but so you know why....I'm hoping that you could give him more attention."

That drew much of my attention. I, mostly, took a pity to such children who became victims of a couple of parents who actually weren't ready to have kids, but just because of society shits they were rush to have kids, or maybe even to get married as young as possible.When these kinds of parents weren't ready, they were more not read to handle their emotion if there were any problems between them, and worse when they had kids and couldn't get enough patience to handle the worsening situation.

What I mean with worsening situation is when a child is growing up so fast and you can't understand how, while you have your job demands fulfilled no matter what... you might call yourself crazy and start blaming dan regreting. Parents think that they play the worst part, but they don't realize that the children would play the more worst part than theirs. Negativity like this would go through many generation chains, exactly the same when you pass the fear through chain letters/emails/broadcast message.

So, the former teacher.... there she went. She came at 2.25pm.

She said hi to me and exchanged  names. The name was Jean. Funny thing was we agreed that we didn't look stranger to each other. But both of us forgot where had we met before. The one thing I knew was she was a friend of my long-lost high school fan! Small world, as always, isn't it? As she was late and the time got too near for the class to start, then we both went upstairs with the kids.

We got into a classroom with the same type like yesterday's class but only it was on the 3rd floor. Jean introduced me to the kids while I was extending my hands to wave at them. "Miss Bree will be the one who teaches you from now on," she said to the kids. No one asked why she left. I thought they'd already known before.

Jean turned to the chair and took the book the class used, "This one is the student book and the other one book!" I didn't ask anything, instead I was waiting for more explanation which I thought she was going to give. Umm... but she didn't! "They're already smart! No need to worry... Good luck with them!"

....that's it?

Where's the discussion? Where's the talk about the kids I need to give more attention to? What are weaknesses each of them has?

...continue...a suivre....



Let's get a time to have fun! Get some games and don't ever underestimate the Power of Cards!
You can make your own card to help the students have a good time with memorizing vocabs, synonyms, and antonyms. It is also possible to hold a game with questions and answers, like giving riddles.

How? Easy Peasy... just cut a piece of carton paper into square or rectangle shapes 5x5, 6x6 or 7x3 (in centimetres). My suggestions made the question and the answer in different colour. So it's easier to differ to know how many question cards or answer cards one has.

This will help the students to memorize when it's fun and the children are surely into it.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Back! Oucchh....

So, you see I'm kinda so late in posting my A Teacher's Story eps. Well, yeah, this is caused by my sickness.

Oh hell, baby, yeah, another sickness. Kinda curious why am I so sickly? I don't even have the answer. It looks like I do need a medical check up soon. But what was happening this week?

I have been a bit sick last week. From shocking friday, I got a fever and felt nauseated. Mostly, I didn't take any drugs and this kind of sickness just went away after I puked. Yes, puke. P-U-K-E. FYI, I didn't puke until I needed to go back to school in Monday. That morning, I felt so much nauseated, worse than ever. I went into the bathroom and bended my back, then... *???* *aaarrrgggghhhh..............*

.... I injured my back! I couldn't stand up straight back again, but I forced it. Later, it hurt me so bad. I went back to the class and sat down. From my waist to knee, I felt hurt so bad. I decided to go home, said sorry to the lecturer and got a cab home. I got the text my boss saying that it was okay that I took a day break.

At home, yeaaa... I could puke and my stomach felt better, but not with my back. Something must be happening differently from my previous sickness. I ate porridge, my mom made it for me. What troubled me? I had to eat by lying down in my bed, that was sooo difficult. Then, I spent a whole afternoon with sleeping, and I think it's better. Somehow, until today, it still hurts and difficult for me to get into public transport or to walk too much.

Well, wish me luck... Write more here later....

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

#aTeacher'sStory - (Part 1) First Day: Briefing!

4th January of 2010. The first day back to school... and first day of work! My school had nothing more than boring and shitty group work. So, since that day on... I would spend the rest of my after-school time with work.

Yes, with work!

What could you expect? Me in shirt, blazer and skirt? Or, me in my bedroom watching DVDs with my hands stuck in snack bowl? No way! I knew I was going to miss my bed and my animal stuffs I've been sleeping with every night, but hey, I needed to go to work!

The picture of me going straight to home, getting online, with my boyfriend resided in the other part of the world was so last year. I was in my second year going to third year, 19 going to 20. Two more years to graduate and I needed to be different from other guys and gals at school. Hardwork starts from now!

More experience in my CV, better reputation... what kind of company doesn't want me when I'm graduated? That's how I think. Hoped it was just coming true in the next two years! I'm crossing my fingers! What's better above all? I'm motivated one!

So, what's my job?

Umm...teaching... you know, facing kids, choosing text books, make examples, give tests and make corrections, get their score, scold them when the students are naughty. And in some occasion, you have to face the parents of your students. When your student is so naughty, you'll have to see the parents some more time. Or, if the parents are really demanding your attention to their (very berry) special kids, they will hunt each time they could see you, discussing what had happened JUST IN A DAY with their kids. Something like that?

That's what you think!

Well anyway, more of teaching stuff will be explained by my future boss and a colleague. The briefing would be short and quick. So, many things to catch up. But at least, the real adventure and challenge had not yet started. Somehow, the fear started today!

I came from first from my exhausting campus life, changing my clothes ( from college student's look to teacher's look) and putting some make up on. I was so tidy, yet so hungry and ....

.....jeezzzz... too much heat in this town! It affected my mood, reaaalllyy! 

Sweating a little, I arrived at my office for...I didn't know for how long. Maybe 6 months, then I'd leave for another adventure. Things to focus was... the briefing! If I'm not good for the 3-month-trial I wouldn't even be able to stay in that job for SIX MONTHS.

First person, I met... Angelique! Oh wait, the really first person was... the one I asked whom I should meet first, it was the receptionist. Let's call him, Mr. X. I didn't know his name. I didn't have a chance to ask, too many people, and some of them were making him busy. Then I met Mr. Gerry. That made him the second guy I met. He was the one who interviewed me. He said hi, and refer me to Angelique. So, she was the third person today at work. 

"This is Angelique. She's the senior teacher and she would assist in letting you know all things you must know," said Mr. Gerry. Then my sight went to Angelique who was quite friendly. I guessed... You should know, the first day of work is the day where you can still smile all the time. Mr Gerry left us both: me and Angelique. We chatted and later I knew that I was the youngest employee there! Angelique was also still in college, just like me, but she was a year senior than I was. What made me feel so small? I was the only one who wasn't coming from English major or having international work experience. The two other employees worked in Foreign Embassy. =(

So, I thought this was getting so tough. Competitive? Oh yeah sure. I knew it's not the same where you work behind your desk and all, but it feels almost the same.

Yet, good news was always there. In one classroom, the capacity was only for 5 students. 6 students was still acceptable. For 7? No way. They would like to keep the learning process and atmosphere to be private and intimate. So the teacher would have more time to help the students better. Another news that came to me after that from my other boss, Mrs Inez. She asked me whether I could teach kindergarten students? I said, yes. *ahaayy....God, I was crossing my fingers* "Could you also teach 3rd or 4th graders?", she asked again. *Oh, that's better..* I said, yesss! 

"The schedule would be Tuesday and Thursday from 2.30 pm and for the kindergarten starts at 4pm, " she said. Yippee! Nice... I thought I could make it if my school didn't change the whole schedule like crazy.
Just 30 minutes chat, Angelique's student came. From 2 students, only half came up. Total: 1 student. I was quite confuse where to go and where I should leave my belongings. I saw Angelique put her bag on her chair, then I asked her where I could put mine. "Just put it here, it's ok," she said. So, okay, I left my things in the office and headed to the classroom. She told a little about the usage and kinds of classroom were there. 

Thank God, the one who came up was a little girl from an Islamic school. So cute and smart. When I saw how Angelique taught her, it seemed to be an easy job to do for teaching such smart and fast-learning girl. 

I was in the class where it was a glass room type. I could see people coming and going, back-and-forth, in front of the class room. There, I saw a boy, a fat one, walking so fishy. I smiled at him, he didn't reply. Pathetic me. I paid attention to him through the window glass while Angelique was teaching Annisa. He put his head back down, running up-and-downstairs, and dancing like crazy. For the first time, people might think that he got autism. To me, he looked like not.

I wondered how to teach such students with syndrome and disorders. It would be interesting. Somehow, I was hoping, I was not the one who got the call. Please... let him got another teacher! This was the day where I had to mark the calendar for another stuff: a day where my brain and heart didn't work in the same way. My hearts said, if he's in my future class, I can handle him! Too much for inexperienced teacher, huh?

The briefing finished at 4.30. It's cool. For the first day! I took my bag and off to back home. I took a public transport as it was very close from work to my house, only 20 mins (in Jakarta, it considers very fast and near). I zipped off my bag to get my wallet. It's gone!!! OMG, my black cat wallet from my sister was gone! I searched everywhere and I couldn't find it. Fortunately, I kept some little amount money at the side pouch of my bag. That was the only money in my bag to pay the fare. *ugh*

No reaction I made during my way home. I was thinking that maybe I left it at home. But I remembered exactly that I took out my wallet to pay the fare on the way go. Maybe somebody stole it that time. But, I tried a call to my office. And, what a smart girl I was, I didn't have my office number. So I got to google it and call. Nothing changes. My boss said there's nothing on the desk I was sitting around.

Positive. It was gone. I didn't know where and how it was gone. Then, 5.30! I got a call from Angelique. I didn't think that she got my wallet, but something got in my mind if there was also something wrong with her, or the office. I took the phone from my mom and answered Angelique. For my surprise, her wallet was also gone! We put our belongings in the same place... How could this happen in the first day of working?

I didn't have any problem if the wallet was gone and it's something that I bought myself. It was a gift. That's what made me feel soooo guilty. The money inside the wallet wasn't much for anyone, for me, yes, a little....and it wasn't the money that I earned myself. I was so shocked and wondered how could I be so careless in the new place I'd just got into?

Firstly I had a debate on my mom, that I might have lost my concentration from the morning and all. The college was soo damn busy, something that I blamed on. My mom said me, "Why should you go to work? I didn't ask you to." After a long long ..looonngg debate, she finally understood me and calmed me down saying it would be okay. We're superstitious family, so she told me that the lost of my wallet was to release the bad karma and to open the path of luck to come. Especially it was my first day working, so we hoped that my work would be blessed.

The office really felt sorry about this and would 'reimburse' the money I had lost in the incident. Somehow, the memory and the value of the wallet couldn't be 'reimbursed'. But it wasn't the office's fault anyway, so I decided to let it go no matter what. It would be a hard to job, try to release a pain and loss in the first day you know your new place. The first months was going to be really tough for me.

Besides, I still had to finish the other shits When I knew I lost the wallet, my mom and I hurried to off the  account, so the guy who took it wouldn't be able to access it. What was the other surprises? "Did you try to access your card this afternoon, ma'am?" said the officer. I said no! How could I have time to? He said, "There was someone, then, tried to access the card for three times. All failed."

Knowing that it was fail, I felt so relieved. The money was saved. That would link to another shits, which was going to the police station and made a property loss statement, so I could close my account and open a new one, as well as for making new ID.

And the next day, my students and I were going to meet... My night will be full of question marks and mystery symbols of what's going to happen. Hmm....So, tomorrow, first time to meet the students and first time (and the last time, I hope) to visit the Police Station.


Vocabulary Time
Increase your students vocabulary progress with playing Hang-man on the board. It'd better if you have interactive tools like computer, you can download this simple and funny Hang-man game. Download the game on Free Download Center. But if you don't have computer for each students, maybe you can still download it for yourself and play! Know it better before you share it to your students =)

Give your students a free time or treats....
This will work with giving your students a coloring pages. When you're going to give them score of their coloring, remember, don't criticize them like, "Leaf is green, you can't color it blue!". Don't! I beg you, don't do that! Like Picasso said, "Every child is an artist," and art doesn't know wrong. Let their imagination and creativity flows, it would help to generate the wide thinking space. I always give the children A score for their drawing, no matter it looks good to me or not. I only consider their effort in drawing, whether they're really trying to color it good or just do it until it's finish and doesn't care what it would look like. I often see some mistakes in coloring like unmatched color, or color the wrong space, they want it! I let them with every inch of creativity they pour down in their coloring.

For free drawing pages access, you can search on google images. Print some and make copies. Simple, isn't it?

More story next week!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recurring History

Last week, I took a one-day break from my work to attend a seminar after school. I thought it was an interesting seminar and I shouldn't miss it.

There were also job vacancy booth from 2 companies. Interesting! That would be good, I thought, if I could try. My principles, nothing to lose. Let's say if I'm not accepted, maybe it's not my luck, nor I am not qualified enough. There would be other place that needs me and my skill. Now, I'm still in 6th semester and I need to have an internship in the 6th. It's not the time yet, but at least, I could try to start from now. The earlier the better.

So they gave me the form to complete. Something always attracts me of a form to fill in. Any kind of form. So cute! My childish side =P It goes so fun to write down your study, interest, objectives and work experience. I'm so happy and proud with the things that I've undertaken in my life. Then, I gave them back after I completed the form. They're so nice and friendly. I like them.

This is my 3rd year. I'm going to finish my Bachelor degree studies in one more year. When I was in my last year of high school, I remember, I also went through this kind of situation and feeling. Nothing to lose. All I wanted was to know whether I was credible for special intake from several universities. And what universities would accept me. That also made me looked cool, as it's limited-edition-alike intake.

What do I mean with 'Special Intakes"? Special intake is like an intake from a university that opens earlier than the common intake. The special intake is open for students with academic or non-academic excellence. The terms and conditions demands differently in each university. Mostly, it opens for Top 10 students with certain average grade (which is very high), but there's also a university that opens a special intake for students that are not only in the Top 10 and have above average grade, but also have a non-academic leadership and involvements. I have them all!

What's good? The form from all universities were free so I can enroll to many different universities and no need to pay even a rupiah for that. It's all free. What is other good stuff? You'll need no entry test! And....if you're accepted, you could have less expensive college tuition! What makes you relieved? You would have a clear path on what university you will go. Some people are worried when they are late or not accepted anywhere.

From all universities I have applied, surprisingly they all accepted me.

But I ended up in a college where, at that time, didn't have that kind of special intake, so I got to enroll with an entry test. Funny me?

I can't believe I face this kind of situation where I try as many as possible again. But I already have my target and I would do anything to fulfill it.

I think to apply a job is not about making impressions, instead, you need to show what you've made so far in your life to achieve your goal and dream and what could you do for the work you'll do!

Good luck... I hope you all enjoying your day like I do =)

what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fake and Real Friendships

What kind of guy who thinks that you must have at least a little time in each week for him? While to find a me time for yourself is almost an impossible thing that you can finally get at least once in a month. And not in a week?

Well... it's the first time that I agree on the saying "Never try to please everyone", which can also mean, "Don't always be nice to everyone, you need to be mean some time".

I met this little guy in high school as my junior. He was motivated and nice. We were in the Web Design Club which was handled by me, the former president. Our first years of friendship was great. Very much fun! Until, I felt so happy to have him nearby and decided to take him as my lil brother.

Hey... hey.. slow down! I know it's sounded too much of me. But yeah... I did.

I was a youngest girl and my nieces and nephew age much younger. My older siblings? They got too much older from me. It's like I need some kind of family member that doesn't age that far from me to share and to have fun. That's what I thought...

What had been going on? Yeah.. he... gone crazy!

He kept urging me to meet and all. Keep sending me text messages just to tell that he didn't like who and who, what he did that I didn't wanna know... All about him. I'd been just his listener and nothing I can do about it. Like he ruling over me!

Once, I made a review on a book on my review blog and shared the link in my facebook page. You know what he did? He commented on it, acted like he was kinda a bit mad and irritated with the bunch of my activities, "Sis, you'd rather review on my cousin's controversial wedding, rather than reviewing that book!" I was like, oh jeez...what am I supposed to do with HIS COUSIN'S WEDDING?!" Who am I and all?

Oh yeah, I remember his cousin's wedding and he asked me to accompany him to come. I didn't wanna come. As I was a bit ill that day. He was like... umm yeah.. you can guess. Then he kept trying to get me into his gossip about some people, he thinks are hot, in our circle. OMG, do I have time for that? And seriously, I'm not the type of such people who enjoy talking on other's business.

So, I decided to step away without he realized it. I changed my number and Yahoo Messenger ID. I even made an FB account just for some random people and trapped him to be on that account. FB has been an important thing in my life just like Twitter. So, I don't want him to watch over my life and keep myself in his invisible chain. That's my way!

When a person takes a lot of your time and bugs your privacy, leave him behind. It's just crazy when your life is some kind of being monitored by a freak guy and put you as his weapon, or a dog!

The, what could you in advance so you won't get disappointed with a friend gone crazy or friendship turned freaky?
  • Don't give your trust to much on anything to that person
  • Think before you say something personal or anything that would lead him/her easy to get you
  • Don't be easily let that person get closer to you.
  • Just try to be just casual friends, and don't let him/her think that you're a suitable 24/7 pet. Remember you won't get anything, unless the fact that you're used.
  • Try to see anything about him/her and things between you two clear and cool. Don't get blinded with his/her sweetness.
  • Keep in mind what "REAL FRIENDS" really are.
REAL FRIENDS? It takes time to be real friends. These people will be the ones who will listen to you and try to keep the friendship going fair. Like he/she tells the story, asks your advice or feedback, and will give an equal space and duration for you to share to him/her, too. A feedback will be also given. So, it's not always about him. If you give much time of yours to that person like for being 24/7 friends, he/she would remember it always and will do the same.

It's not about what you get, but it's also about what you give. Just love between lovers and family members. And love is also exist in friendship.

Maybe I'm wrong, so please correct me. I need a feedback, always. I'm a forever learner.

  • not throw you away for his/her own need and mission. This is sounded so cliche, but it's true!
  • not say something bad about you with your misbehaviour and would talk about it in the right time in private
  • try to see other side of you, and even be objective. As the only thing that is kept in mind is to keep the friendships with you.
  • not be crazy of himself. Knowing better that the world isn't only about one person which is him.
Maybe, being friends is just that simple, yet more people try to get complicated with things and others. Weird, huh?

So, I have thought about this and would try to do it... =)

wish you best of luck!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Another Birthday Gift

Yay I got a bday gift. This is the second bday gift this year! Thanks to my college friends =) So nice of you guys... Love books forever!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#aTeachersStory - Introduction

It's been a one year and 3 months, I have been working as a teacher. I started at January, 4th 2010, and now it's time to quit.


I was only 19 when I started to teach. At first, like other new comer to employment, I hunted some place where I thought it could be a right and suitable place for me, regarding for the location, schedule and my skill and experience. Decision had to be surely considered as I was still at school and I chose to prioritize it above my work.

When I found a place to teach, I noted the phone number. Then, I dialed the number when I got home and found out more about the place, the schedule, and any other information as much as an outsider like me could have, for my consideration. I sent my CV after I made a decision. That time, I didn't know what was in my mind. Being a teacher was then later becoming a big question to me. How could I be so confidence for applying the job?

I was still underage and had just got into sophomore year. Young and rebellious. I cannot control myself some time and so do my parents. No one can control me. I had no idea that how I could control my future students. For academic background, I have been studying Communications, not Education. Besides, I didn't have any certifications for teaching, like CELTA. What's worse? Once, I was a bullied girl at school. How can I encounter bullying that might happen in my class? What change can I make?

Teaching has never been my dream. But oh yeah, I remember when I was a child, I enjoyed playing with other friends, pretending to be teacher and students. In reality? It's never been my passion. Many things interest me and made me to be this kind of person. First, I wrote a poem, then a novel. Though, it was badly rejected, I kept writing. Until I published my blog, anonymously, in 2008. Besides writing, I made short movies in 3d animation too. Other things that are counted as weird and rare to my family are my favourites, including Philosophy studies. I can list anything I want to try, learn and live with easily, but teaching has never got a space in my plan.

Yet, being a teacher gives me something I never have expected before. The challenges, the people, the feedback you gain...all of them! Sometimes, I think I've been so lucky.

Teaching many kinds of students reflected me of what kind of person I have become. Who I am now, somehow, is related to my unforgettable past. I can't avoid it. At first, it was like a slap to my face, seeing the bitter truth in my childhood and mistakes I'd done in my teenage years. My heart told me that all I need was to fix everything that has laid behind my shadow.

It's time for me to say that it's enough. I have experience, something good to undergo, big lessons for my adolescence and new networks. I'm happy about it and I said to myself if this would be end. The whole process and surviving scenes were all my initial adventure-like part of life. It's over, it really is. The results of my students' English are great, despite the whole crazy learning barriers, they're great. Just great. It's done. I'm done there.

I was a teacher, and I am happy. It's time for another adventure!

More story, I will share in this blog, under "A Teacher's Story" label. All of my experience, funny stories and even bad documentation. It's time to open up, be honest and share. I will also post some tips, recommendations and some teaching materials I have found on the net, made by someone or by myself, in each post of the story. Who knows you need it!

All the characters are mentioned in the story or blogmeme A Teacher's Story (#ateachersstory) are with false name and not real name for some reasons. To do the ethics, I'd rather not share anything related to my bosses and some colleagues. 

Remember good teachers...
A change started from education and education needs you to deliver the change.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Film - A Watching Guidelines

Film. What is film for you? Do you ever care that the exciting stuff called movie is a part of media, that could possibly transfer someone’s idea and influence to you, the viewers?

It doesn’t work like a newspaper or online news. Except documentary, the whole content works as a reconstruction of a reality. The creator creates certain characters to play certain roles which cause the certain events that lead to a point. That point is what the creator would like to communicate with us, the watchers. It is entertaining, emotionally dragging, and has a useful lesson in the conclusion.

So, knowing the fact of a film. What could you expect in watching a film? Is it the story? The moral lesson? The impressive effects?

I ever had a job in translating a movie script, and a few experience in movie making. Does it take a short time to express an idea into an art? No! From the planning, the production and even the post-production phase, nothing is even easy. The more time we spent for more deeper understanding and developing the ideas is better. More concrete and certain... it's going to be accounted film. 

The longer duration in the making process is, somehow, more accepted for viewers and lead them into curiosity to watch the movie, and to score the quality. If you see awards show for film industry, there's no award for the longest making process duration. 

They, the real artist in film industry, really got a talent and enough knowledge in movie thingy and are able to evaluate the best aspect in a movie to be credited for. As in a movie, there are so many aspects to judge and to be given credit. In one movie, it is impossible to claim it's thoroughly a good art project without cracking the whole particles that associated into a one piece of movie.

The well-done preparation and on-field work is highly considered. So if you see a movie that doesn't care about the whole aspect for deeper and ready results, what do you think? Especially, when the director only pays attention to the duration of the making process and leaves all behind the other important aspects in a movie? Of which the other important effects actually give what we, the viewers or film lover, are looking for and respect for in a movie.

It is funny or unthoughtful...or careless, let's say, to finish and publish a movie just to achieve a record in the fast-making process and lack of well preparation and consideration in each aspect.

Good luck to watch a movie. Be selective! Don't get disappointed. Keep critical and just. And be wise in making a movie, then!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Little Sister, Irae-chan!

My Little Apple Dolls has arrived! Yay.... Thanks to Mas Alin from NewsClub. I ordered Irae. After a long waiting, I can't believe now I have one in my bedroom.

Cute, isn't she?

The first time I met Irae was in newsclub office. The one I saw is belonged to Mas Alin. The look and the clothes reminded me with Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo. But that one was different. it's one type of dolls in Little Apple Dolls. I just thought maybe it's great to have one, person doll. So far, I have animal dolls. I'm an animal lover and I've never been into a Barbie person. This is going to be a person (or ghost) doll, I'll love so much.

P.S. I left behind my barbie dolls!

There are many other types of ghost doll like Irae, with more cute costumes too. The similarities among them is that they're all ghost. When you buy one package of the doll, you'll get a story book about the doll's life. There, you know what happened to her and made her like she is now.

Can't wait until my bedroom is fully renovated, so I have a better place to keep and display Irae and other dolls and figurines, too!

My pic with Mas Alin's Irae, long before I really own one!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

I Was Caught Red-handed... with Smoke in My Room!

The song In My Room by Utada has been playing IN MY ROOM. I set my media player on my laptop to keep playing that song. It IS stuck in my head. Until today, 2 April 2011, it's still playing.

Actually that song kinda make me realized what was happening....

I just went home from a friend's bday. We were partying, and took some shots. Most of people there were smoking, too. I didn't smoke. Never. Somehow, the smell of the smoke was too strong and rest in my hair and clothes.

...what happened before...
I got home and came into my room, with the song kept playing. When my mom opened the door for me, she looked at my face, all red. At first, I didn't realize it. After I put everything in my room and got to my bedroom, the mirror told me so well and clearly. How a mirror can be so honest? My #randomthoughts. Oaahh... My face was still so much red. I looked like a boiled shrimp! Complete red! On the same day, it was also the day of the Reds (Manchester United) match. Was there any correlation with those two premises?

I spent my time in my bedroom with tidying up. Just a moment after, I joined my mom and my sis who apparently hadn't gone to bed yet. I knew it.... "Were you out drinking?", my mom asked. "Yes," I replied. My mom kept silent. "Why? Just a little. Is that a problem?" My mom still didn't say a thing. I knew she was kinda shocked. but relieved as I was home already before midnight.

...what happened next...
I opened my bedroom door and the smell of smoke rose up to my nose. Oh jeez... it's smelled like a room of a smoker. And, I didn't smoke. NEVER. Not that I really love the environment...yes I do love the environment, but it's not why I didn't smoke. Well, we could talk about it later why. It's not a problem to me about smoker or smoking stuff. But my family! They really hate it. And my baby nephew likes to play in my room and it's not good for him to come in when it's so cigar smelly.

And, I was thinking, just to stay cool with this smell in my room. I didn't smoke anyway. If my mom found out and asked whether I smoked, I would tell her to find if there's a cigarette box in my bag, or anywhere in my room.

What Happened Five Minutes Later...

Stressed out! I was screaming in my mind, how to get rid of the smell! You had no idea how stupid I would become when I got panicked. It is obvious I can't get a healthy sleep with this smell so strong in my room.
Believe me... when I said that my first aid to this situation is to spray my Victoria's Secret Perfume every side in my room, my clothes that hung in display hangar, my blanket, my pillow and my animal stuffs!! So they got the same smell like I got when I left the room for the party. Exciting, isn't it?

... it didn't work!

Suddenly, I remember the Balinese aromatherapy I usually use. I got the lighter and burned on top of it, for the good smell of jasmine and musk spreading into my room and get rid of the cigarette smell.

... it got worse!

I ran out of idea. Seriously! I remember I have a bookshelf of good books and thinking whether I ever bought a book, entitled "To Get a Better Room for Geeky Idiots" with one of the chapters called "How to Have a Fresh and Good Smell for Your Room" I tried to think so hard, getting a better idea on anything in my room I could use to re-freshen up the air. But yes, I found it! My Japanese lotion! Am I looked even more stupid than ever now?

I poured down much of them onto my skin. Hoping it would work. spreading the Japanese Blossom Flower smell. Usually, the smell of the lotion spread when I use it, or when my baby nephew plays with it. looked like nothing happened!

Argh! I wanna die. Could I sleep like this? And what about my baby nephew? Each morning, he would try to knock on my door, trying to get in. It would lead me to trouble if the smokey smell still stuck in here, just like the song I can't stop till now. The aromatherapy freshener spray!

It's Jasmine again. I sprayed it everywhere. The smell of the Jasmine was too weak and soft, just like the real flower. The cigar smells beat it. Can I just faint? Hard to breathe in here....

I have no fan. I only use Air Conditioner and I checked the settings on the remote control. The fan of the AC has worked. All of them. I can't get the fan in my living room to be in my room. So, I decided to make my own fan. How? With swinging my door! It was swinging and produces some air in my bedroom. I didn't open my window as it would lead me into another problem. Opening and closing my door, swinging it, would help the circulation of the air from inside to outside I thought. 

... not so much helping, apparently!

There's no fan but I could make one myself. I got my big and thick... (and heavy) towel. I don't know how a towel could be a bit heavy by the way. So, What did I do? I fanned my room with my towel! Beating the air with it. If you think I was getting crazy, maybe you're right. That's why I would thank you for realizing it. 

... still no miracle!

Will continue this... until I really got caught red-handed the next morning!
Bye.... - Bree-

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Too Far From A Frame

Hey lovely...
Yes, you!
....the one in blank white t-shirt...
sitting on the ground, looking at your camera display screen
your eyes staring so close to those pixels
that are integrated into a girl you just took pic of

A silent picture kept you too deep
inside the world you breathe
the one I'm trying to be
the one I'm trapped as an art

Your freedom speaks virtually
too much unwritten, nothing unspoken
While I have my words flying in the sky
seen by people below me
blown by the air
but you took the wrong way to reach me

Hey boy!
c'mon look close to me
real me, not your creature
find my beauty from your eyes

i'm letting you know that I'm touchable
come closer, get into me, and brush your eyelashes to mine
feel the beat of my heart and whisper me your freedom

Let's make our own world
Fly those pixels
Discover me without your lens
I have too much to share,
such a small place in one frame

Standing before you now
I'm not the only one you see from one shot
Put everything down...
Go around me and question me
You've wasted my time!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...