Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Article on Le Mariage Magazine


Yes, my friend is going to get married soon and I need a new dress to prepare. This time, I will wear batik dress with a traditional japanese yukata style. For the plan, I've bought 2 meters batik cloth, very cheap yet exotic, aaaand... fashion wedding magz for my guidance! LOL =p I know it might sound funny that I'm so excited to hear that she's going to marry as I hate wedding and am kinda phobia to marriage. Since I was grader, I could promise myself that no marriage and no kids in my life. I want a career. I have never changed my mind. But it's a friend, happy for her!

The piles on the bookstore
You got to know that I'm as excited as writing for Le Mariage---the wedding magz I bought. I was told before that my article was accepted and was going to be in this 3-month edition  (July - September 2011). It's 6 recommended exotic beaches in Indonesia for your honeymoon travel. I show to my Swiss friend, he was inspired to go to one of those 6, although not for a honeymoon. So, maybe you can get the magz and read it, who knows you can use it for your own traveling choices. Especially when you're up for beaches. 

This happiness is my payoff of the drama I got of working in MI a few weeks ago. This is finally my first time, writing for commercial magazine, and what's more important? It's my solo project, not group stuff. My first solo shot and it comes for 4 pages in Le Mariage. I was sooo terrified to get the magz. When it hit the first week of July, I ambushed Gramedia GrandIndo for many times, checking whether the magz would arrive. When it's arrived, I found the piles, covering Elle. I even took a pic of the piles, took one, paid, and left. I stayed at a cafe with a cafe latte and brownies on my table while I check every detail of the magz. My article's headline hit the cover; my background story in the contributor page; my 4 pages article and my name on it. Firstly, I was confused why my name wasn't on the article, but then I found that it was written under the title, black inked, so it was hardly seen. Secondly, I didn't know that the contributor page has 3 pages and I was on the 3rd page. Hahaha... Freak me!
I don't know why it's so crazy to have your name and your writing on a magz or newspaper. I even tweeted that and mentioned @mylemariage with a tweetpic of my article page. Gosh.... I kept smiling for one whole day. That day of joy was too hard to forget. Finally, I'm a writer!

What's even cooler? I would be also an intern starting next month, August 2011. I will work my last day as an English teacher on 28th July. Wish me luck!

Me, me, me... xD
 ....what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom....

My (So-called) Writing Tips

I heard about a software called OMMWRITER for Mac computers months ago. It's one of the writing software available to download for free on the cyberspace. When the first time I heard of it, I was truly excited and welcomed the Windows version to my laptop.

Somehow, it turns out to be quite disappointment. All I see is a screen with space to type, continuous absurd sounds like rain, classical song, and changeable template. I was thinking, "what is it for?" I asked my friend, an author, who used it to write his book. He said that the use of it was to maintain your mood and concentration to keep on writing. "It helps you to focus," he told me.

I do believe the hardest thing to keep in writing is your mood (besides is to keep the idea in mind for a forgetful person like me). But lately, I just figure out (odd) ways to keep the good mood.

1. Zadie Smith is right. We need our attention out of internet access and crowd. So, what we could do is get a place like your own bedroom or, if you wanna go out, find a good cafe or coffee shop. I do mostly well on coffee shop, but what's best? Bathroom! Yes... I do mean it. At least, standing and doing nothing does work for me.

Find somewhere nice. A good cafe with cute and fresh architecture. Inspiring! Try like Social House, GrandIndonesia, in Jakarta. Get the seat by the window with HI fountain view and standby by from 11am. Or else, try eccentric museum!

2. Write along with your favorite songs, which also go with your current writing mood. It happens most of the time that I would be very comfortable listening along with some weird song, (others might call it weird, I don't really see it that way), like Roslyn by Bon Iver, Poker Face cover by Marcela Mangabeira, and Kings of Convenience (the whole album). Just don't play in high tune as you might end up singing and not writing.

The songs I feel comfortable with will be playing all way around. I just click on 'Repeat' button and it keeps playing till morning. My family who might visit in my 'secret laboratory' (read: bedroom) will notice that iTunes or old Winamp plays the same song all the time. "Don't you have any other songs to listen to?" they might complain. Who cares of what they say. What's so important? That song keeps my good mood to have my full concentration. And make sure to stay away from such family disturbia. I did listen to Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer for 12hours non-stop.

3. Make sure if you have a nice air to breathe. Aromatherapy works best in giving you something new in your bedroom. Fresh atmosphere. Nice, isn't it? No need to go somewhere far to get your mood sets and gain inspiration.

Try Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, or Opium. They smell very nice and refreshing. The aromatherapy makes you relax and there, you can start focus on your writing. 

4. Got stuck? Calm down, grab some hot drink, like tea or coffee, something with caffeine. It works wonderfully amazing to your brain. Try to distract your mind for awhile and enjoy view at your surrounding. Start browsing for updated news, play some quick games online (Diner Dash, Scrabble, WordGame... Facebook games, anyone?), or freshen your mind by seeing cute photos on flickr.

Maybe you can also stand up and exercise a bit. Your body might be stiff of sitting before your computer and not moving that much. In this kind of moment, I often distract myself by cooking instant noodles! I do get my inspiration back when I'm waiting the water to boil in the kitchen. Aha!

5. Write on your best condition! Write like you're going out for a date. But I don't mean that you have to dress up just to write. What I'm trying to say is to write at your comfortable condition such as your sitting position, wear something you feel nice, and do your hair neat.

Don't write on your bad hair day! I don't know why, but this is kinda affecting your writing mood. It's like good shoes you're wearing while you're going for a walk in shopping mall. Good tips: Wash your hair and be fresh! Nice hair makes you sexy, isn't it? Especially when it's half-wet. Wear anything you like to. Even you're at home and you really wanna wear a short sexy gown or even bikinis. Oh, yes, I did. And gladly, it worked out! Nuff said.

6. Don't bother to have a bowl of cookie bites, chips (like Pringles), etc on your table, beside your laptop, or anywhere else, not far from your arm level. Make it grab-able. It reduces your stress when you're stuck or confused in the middle of the process.

7. Lastly, watch some movies and try to pick up some issue or discuss about it. It's always inspiring... Talking and figuring something out kinda helps your brain to work like in procrastination. There, an idea will come.

Happy writing!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Team Up With Media Indonesia

It's kinda late to share but I do really wanna share it. The reason why I'm late to write about this is.. I need the screenshot and stamped with my addressee.

I have teamed up with some girls in my Journalism Club at school to run this one-full page of Move Maker Project in Media Indonesia, one of the national press in the country. It was really an honor and huge experience for me. But...if I may add and continue, there was still drama behind the scene of this project.

What drama? Nevermind. I will post the uncut version of my story that I got from Gia, my interviewee. I have to share the main article space with 3 other people, although one of theirs isn't published. So only 3 stories in the main article, yet my own writing filled like almost 2 and a half part of those 3 columns. And it's still cut. So, for my appreciation, I'm going to post his amazing life story in this blog soon.

No matter what it's a precious experience... So far, I've been writing for internal media which all of your article will be published, the editor would give so much help, and the content is limited to college students, employee and teachers. You know.. it's how internal media works. Trying to find an appropriate theme for the whole one page...for the whole country people...is really a big deal for me. It's team work, the theme is set. Autism, it is.

Most people stress on parents' effort and existence for autistic children. They forgot, if the autistic children have siblings, it could be more help than ever.

On 3 July 2011, my MI project was published. It's really late.. but better than never. My name is there in the main article, luckily the first one mentioned. =P

What happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...