Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Scrapcards Go Internationally to My Five Amazing Friends

Yeah I know I'm sucks! I lost inspiration to scrapbook in the middle of this kind of...busy times?! Yeaaah... now I'm such a boring girl, living under capitalism slavery. But, I still need to force my head up to push out my creativity into crafting... something like this. 

As you see below, I have made 5 girly handmade cards to friends. I took the pic, a day before I sent them to post office. My decision was... to post the pics, after all of them arrived to the recipients. SOMEHOW, TO MY DEEPEST DISAPPOINTMENT TOWARDS INDONESIAN POST OFFICE SERVICES OR ANYWHERE ELSE, 2 cards DIDN'T ARRIVE UNTIL A MONTH! 
Yes, I sent two cards (to two different people) in Canada, one to US, one to Egypt, and another one to Japan. One card to Canada and the one to Egypt didn't make it. 
And yeah... I'm just speechless. It's manual post service, which using stamps and not special package service where you can track down where the cards go. Can't wait to post it any longer, and... if you find something like this...it's my handmade, specially made for my girl friends.

The one to Egypt, for my friend Neveen. I don't where this card goes now.

To my beautiful and amazing film-maker friend, Kat in Canada.

This one made it. To US, for my friend, talented artist, Kasie.

This one is for my 'bundo', Shila in Canada. I lost this one also. 

This one is sent to Japan for my smart and great hobby photographer, Chloe.

I wish the other lost two could still find their way to the addressees. The cards are signs of how much I miss my friends out there and how much  they are meant to me. I feel so close to five of them in the same portion.

Will write soon...

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