Monday, June 18, 2012

Current Obsession on Cooking with Dulce Delight and Illustrated Bites!

Lately I got sick again. Yes again! My kidney was kinda weak...very week, I can say. Another infection in my whole life. I stayed in my bedroom, lying down, sitting down before my laptop and going back-and-forth to the bathroom. Just in that rhythm for days.

During the stable moments, I browsed the internet about making macaroons---something that has made me alive around these days. And my eyes (together with search engine) landed to these two amazing blogs for cooking!

Firstly, a dazzling pastry making tutorial through an excellent-yet-simple cinematography by Dulce Delight a.k.a. Raiza Costa at Too bad I can't share her home-made video with her yummy foods, but it's going to be more fun if you can click on the link above I posted and watch the video of your fave on the maker's blogspot page.

What I really like from her is that she makes the food, shooting the video herself and becoming the TV host on her own as well. Only with simple kits, she sets the lighting, tripod, camera...also the table set, which I found very attractive, girly and rise my girly mood to shine! It feels so fresh and amused to see every of her video. Raiza Costa, the woman behind all the fantastic blog, is very nice and not overreact. She's being true of herself in very scene in the pastry making. And oh, she's also competing in Masterchef US Season 3! I really hope she makes it.

Raiza is from Brazil, so don't question her accent, but she absolutely tries her best. She studied art in NY by the way, and well, it answers my question of her beautiful and poetic mood of the video she brings.

I want this apron!!! Badly!!! ^^
Another artistically made, last but not least, it's Heather Diane from Illustrated Bites at I'm happy that she makes any cooking self-help and recipe tutorial through great illustrations! It lights up my mood and my brain to digest the information. The art she puts is really my fave. Love (cook + draw) = bravo!

I found her blog through a pin on my pinterest page. Someone I follow pinned one of her artwork about how to chop with chef's nice. I never found a better idea to share this knowledge and I've been never able to find this kind of friendly artistic help. Her art definitely has her own character. Strong, meaningful and cheerful.

Not only, the blog encourages my mood to cook, but to keep everything surrounds me beautiful and full of art. The same thing goes from Raiza's. Heather is also an artist, she has a blog showing her portfolio

Now, those two blogs made me eager to get well soon better, finish all the homeworks and start to cook. But before, I'm going to get myself this sexy and flirty apron that I also found at my pinterest page.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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