Saturday, June 2, 2012


I don't remember whether I have shared this but starting April 6th I left my job as a journalist of the magazine I had been 8 months working for.

Hard decision, but it might be a better choice. I need to get back with my study, which is finalizing my thesis project and to...recover from my sickness. At least, I would do the last thing naturally such as having enough sleep before I'm ready to do my next job better. Yet, there was actually another reason about my leave. Maybe I could write one complete article about it, about the journalism and media publishing life and future in Indonesia.

Some memories I've been through... here they are...

Table-setting photoshoot at Al-Nafoura Le Meridien.
I love the macaroons and the canapes!

Can't skip each moment I can have photograph of me (and Lana)

At ON Five :p Narcissm time!

Editorial team photo for my internship report

Morning faces

...what happens in my bedroom stays in my bedroom...

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