Sunday, September 23, 2012

Work and The Latest Portfolio

And yes, before I have written here that I resigned from le Mariage magazine. So far, during my jobless days, I sent CVs to some prominent media in town. They all accepted me. Thank Lord! Yaaay! Some offered me nice salary, but they didn’t have flexible working time. I couldn’t take it of course, as I was still working on my final project to graduate. Till now, I haven’t got the call for my thesis defense of my Bachelor Degree...of which I’m worried about so much right now.

But anyway, yes, I have finished writing the thesis and had nothing else to do except work and some volunteer activity to a non-profit organization (wink). I got the time to have a full time job since last July, after I submitted the paper work on 27th July. The deadline! Fortunately, I have accepted to a company nearby, then when it’s done, I go straight to work the next Monday on 30th July!


Anyway, anyhow...
When I had this jobless moment, only me and my thesis... I still got the chance to be Le Mariage’s contributor for feature article on travel. It’s Maldives, baby! Another paradise on earth... Not only one article, but my photos were also published on their Runway Ideas pages. I’m happy and proud that the magazine is getting thicker this year and received so many positive feedbacks from readers and clients. Hopefully, it could be one of the coolest wedding magazine in the country.
So here it is... *I’m so thrilled*

Maldives - Le Mariage July-September 2012 - by Bree

The Runway Photos!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...