Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Finally.... HOLIDAY!

Well, I don't have many holiday or day-off this year after I get work contract for 6 months. Hmm.. anyway, I was absent for quite few days too during these 5 months due to my sickness.

By the way, the 21st December 2012 was the last day working before Christmas. I stayed at Starbucks Plaza Indonesia with a dear colleague, Agnes. She mentioned that that day, her mom made 'onde'. It's in Chinese culture to celebrate that on 21st or 22nd Dec is the peak of the winter (if I'm not mistaken) as the Chinese New Year will be in February 2013 soon.

When I got home, my niece was about to have a sleep over at our place. She joined my mom and my sis who also make some Onde. They used some of my food coloring I used to make for macaroon. The violet, pink and blue.

Before and after

Onde itself is made from rice flour and boiled with water, along with ginger and pandan leaf. Usually, people will make it in red, green and white. Coz we got blue and green, they choose to use them, too. Being a bit different is fun, right?

Do you see the Smurf? Really you smurf it?

Ok, for this one... Well, it's been awhile I don't spend much time and money to shop. But due to my need for advanced appearance at work, fresher me...those make good reasons to hop the malls and keep on swiping my debit card. What's fun? I hoarded them in my bedroom, not opening them until Dec, 30th. It felt like gifts from me for myself. I don't know why I love to keep things wrapped and unused.

I bought new shoes (other than the ones in previous blogpost), trousers as my body turned smaller---believe it or not---new tops, new bag... whew! To your surprise, I bought Goody products! If I've never paid attention that much to hair care or hair styles, maybe I would try a little bit taking care of them. I'll write about hair care and hair styles experiment later. For books, I have shared it in my bookblogpost.

You see I bought some The Body Shop stuff. Ugh, yeah I got to admit I have something wrong with my feet, caused by new shoes I'd bought months ago. There were dark scars remained on my skin. D'oh! Pray for me it would work... smooth and nice feet in 2013. Crossing fingers for me, will ya?

And if you happened to read my old blog post about my obsession on cook blog, you would see I post a pic of kinky, girly, sweet grey polcadots apron. I didn't find the same thing, but I found this in Daiso, Japanese corner in FoodHall.

I looked big. Yes?

The fate of my Christmas presents are the same. I like to keep them wrapped in their cute gift-wrap paper. Here are some gifts that gathered in my home's Christmas tree. Not all of them belonged to me of course. Two of them were from me to my nephew and niece. One of them was a prank from mom to my niece as she left her stuffed dog at our washing machine. My sis also brought some cupcakes with cute marzipan and sugar Santa. Well, it was simple 25th Dec this year but I love all my gifts. One of them is a collection of Doraemon figurines.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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