Friday, December 7, 2012

Graduation Day---the End of College Life Stories

It's almost 3pm, I 'escaped' from my office to meet my lecturer who's been guiding my undergraduate studies thesis in a mall across the street. Somehow, I ended up taking a cab rushing into traffic jam of Thamrin-Senayan after getting a phone call from him, asking me to meet him in another mall where I (once again) ended up running, chasing him from the south entrance of Senayan City to the Main Gate! Yes, it's officially signed! I'm graduated...

Days before that... I was worried. Yet, I had tried the graduation coat, paid the administration fee for graduation day, sent the petite notes as my final farewell message for the yearbook (including the photo)... Yes everything needed to be graduated. I's a huge step and it had been something that made me smile meanwhile and hoped the whole procedure went quickly. Now it's answered.

So... School? Been there, done that!

Yeah... Dec, 5th 2012 it is. It kept me alive. Maybe I treated the moment just like other girl's planning their wedding or something. TOO MUCH! Yes... I took it seriously. Even I made statuses like on Facebook, Blackberry Messenger and Gmail. Of course, Twitter included (if I'm not mistaken). Those statuses were counting down the days. One of it was...this:

-2 Day: Trying out my old 'Kebaya'
Wearing 'kebaya'---the national costume---is a must for the female graduates in Indonesia. While the lucky boys can only wear suit, white shirt with tie and trousers. Hate them! What's worse? I got to style my hair the old-fashioned way, too! 

I woke up at 4.30am for the make up and hair do. I don't really enjoy the result. For me, it's too much. The hair do should be low big hair bun. It killed me. But I guess I survived no matter what. Yet, it makes the day, the big day of my life, just went away like that. As if it was nothing mattered to me.

I wore my old 'kebaya'. My mom and I bought it four years ago for my high school graduation. My batch was the first one who celebrated high school graduation with that annoying costume. I never like it. I see there are many cool kebaya made by local designers, but no one able to make it felt nice to wear. The fabric is the problem. Kinda itchy, and heavy. There must always be much embellishment attached. Sick, isn't it? What a torture... 

That's why I never want to buy a new one. I decided to just re-wear it. There will be no other occasion where I would like to wear it. Ha! Anyway, I'm quite thankful for the so-called 'Harry Potter' costume which covered it. Hihi... 

The graduation took place at Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place. Started at 9AM! Woo-hoo... I couldn't just sit and sleep during the 3-hour-ceremony, as I sat on the 2nd row. Fantastic! 

Another photo with Maria the owner of the second and this photo.
This photo shows better of the place where we finally graduated. Taken after the ceremony has been over and before we proceeded to lunch buffet at the foyer.

Somehow, I prefer the graduation of American universities way. More simple, intimate, and down-to-earth. Not that I'm not thankful of those pretty chandeliers hanging above my head, shining my day. But, the ceremony of my uni was... too dramatic. Well, Indo people are so great in creating dramatic situation. They are the specialist. Sinead O'Connor might say 'Nothing Compares'.

Yes, I don't understand why the uni intended the celebration for our parents, the teary moment and all. For what? OMG, it's graduation... and it should OUR celebration of being for 4 years there, stuDYING to get GPA above 3,00 and that we are finally able to put those scenes into a wonderful and memorable liberating end. Maybe I'm just different from anyone else... (as always).

After I finished, I went down to the ground level as the ballroom is in a shopping building and they got Books and Beyond bookstores! Hmm.. before that I took pics with big stuffed bears at the atrium. They're such cute xmas decor buddies! Later on, still with my Harry Potter coat and graduation hat, I bought a book, while my mom and my sister went to a bread store nearby. As you might guess, everyone was looking at me seriously and some weren't really shocked coz maybe they already knew and saw many newly-graduates wearing such costume, walking around Pacific Place that day. 

One thing funny was... I was at the cashier, paying my books. The shopkeeper asked, "You've just been graduated, today?" I laughed lightly and replied in brief, "yeah, just now, at the ballroom." She, then, said more, "Ohh, well, congratulations, then!" Somehow, it's stranger says and still the positive power I could feel it. That made my day even more wonderful. Although, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't take pics with my lecturers. Couldn't find them and some of them didn't come. But I could still keep in touch with them, right?

In this opportunity, anyway, anyhow...

I would like to give many big thanks to my mom. And then my whole family for supporting me with the education I got. For my thesis advisor, my fave lecturers whose names I couldn't mention here for their privacy matters. Also for my friends, who helped me going through all this process and progress, for being good friends, for lending the books, giving out ideas, etc. Thank you! I will remember it...because to me, it's a bunch of blessings.

...and please keep on supporting me! I want to get a scholarship for my Master Degree. Wish me luck! The journey to get smart isn't over ^^

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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  1. Wonderful news!!! Congratulations to you :-D and Happy Holidays.


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