Sunday, December 30, 2012


There must have been something wrong with my eyes. I've been so careless lately. It is very obvious.

I went to Senayan City for event reporting. After that I went shopping, I found this top and shoes quite nice. I like them. But sadly for the shoes, the size was too big for me. I need 37. I asked the shopkeeper to find in which store the particular design in  size 37 might be available. She came to me and said that only one couple left in Grand Indonesia. So, I got there the next two day, hoping they hadn't been bought yet. And there they were. I'm lucky! At least, I thought so.

At home, I showed it to my mom, saying I got another sweet shoes and I planned to wear it for work. She said, "It's ballet shoes, you can't wear that!"

"No," I said. "It only seems so."

But then, I tried to put them on my feet and took them off. A few seconds later, I saw a sticker on the sole. Whoops! My mom's right...

Not gonna wear these to work! NEVER!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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