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10:49 PM

It's kinda late to share the first two mood boosters of mine, but still, as earlier I wrote that I might have a disorder of keeping things unopened. I just opened them in my new year's eve holiday.

First, the nail polish. Well I never like Korean stuff, but my friends said that The Face Shop nail lacquers are good. Just polish onto your nail once and that's it...the colour will come out enough. And, I proved it! But one shot only could result weak result, not so strong, but still... nice. Second is damn cute. I can't remember the last time being pinky girl after grade school over.

Somehow, when I was going to buy it, there were two choices. One was a bit dusty, my fave of all time, but transparent, and the other one was the one I finally bought, milky pink.

Do you see two color polishes on my thumb?
Secondly, a hair mist! I don't know whether it's an effect of working for a hair magazine. But I found this L'Occitane Rose Hair Mist is awesome. I always love the smell of rose. This invention will help a lot if you haven't found any time to wash your hair. (Err..) Or, you go through a very berry smelly place and you feel that it's gotten into your hair, then, spray the rose magic hair mist! That product seriously makes me feel beautiful!

In January, after I got back from holiday, I found another bookmark! Two years before I bought exactly the same, but it was Eiffel. I remember I had this confusion. Eiffel, dog or puppy's bone toy. I never thought that I might find them again. So, I bought a dog one this year. Cute?

Aaannndd.... I'm obsessed with baskets!

At least, they made my room rather a bit organized...

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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