Friday, March 1, 2013

Super D'Oh!

What a shame...
 ...on me!

You know what? You don't, do you? Well, it seems that this year...of 2013, I am not lucky enough to attend Java Jazz. I'm sad! Usually, all these years, I'd always got free tickets. For me and my friend. All 3-day pass, and sometimes, with special show tickets! THIS YEAR, not even one daily ticket. This is not cool!

Now, today... it's the first day of Java Jazz. I haven't bought any. Coz:

1. I just realize that I might not get any ticket, free ones from my bro's office (yes, free ones, shame on me again), just yesterday! One day before.... Ugh!

2. From my very first experience of Java Jazz, I never figure out how to buy the tickets myself.

3. And now, it's about to start, I wanna go, but how can I make it quick? Where to buy on the D-day?

Ok, I'm lame!

What makes me disappointed that I'm going to miss Joss Stone! Also, Lee Ritenour and Craig David. Not fun! I'm officially turning into a boring person.

I feel goddamn so...

Maybe, I can justify. I have deadlines to conquer. For my work and side job!

And, I'll be home for them, then...

Besides, I need rest. Craig David is going to perform on Sunday night. How is it possible for me, if I got the ticket, to go watching but keep on working on the next day, which is our lovely Monday I suppose?

Anyway, for not being cool. I won't make it worst. Maybe some of you will see that I do.

What I'm going to do tonight is... cooking!

It's been long time, I've been waiting to cook this Grilled Salmon Wraps with Greek Yogurt. The photo of the cuisine seems cute and tasty. And easy! Besides, it's going to be my first time cooking with marinade process. But I wonder if I can find any Greek yogurt at the supermarket here in Jakarta. Also with the Tortilla wraps!

And... weekend is consisted of two and a quarter days, isn't it? A quarter day of Friday, and 2 days: Saturday and Sunday. So, after trying that recipe above, I'm also going to cook this Garlic Shrimp Recipe from this blog, which isn't going to be the first time for me. First time, fail! This time won't!

Not to miss. I'm going to bake some cupcakes...

I will try both FoodHall and Ranch Market at Grand Indonesia to shop all the ingredients. Hopefully I find them all!

Will report soon after I hit the deadline...

Ohh, I wish I can just get away forgetting the fact that I don't get the Java Jazz ticket this year... Wish this article finishes soon, too!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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