Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Agnes' Last Day at Work

Seeing people, one by one, leaving the company I'm working now isn't something new. People come, people go. Oh yeah, just like men in my love story. Again? Oh wait! Do I actually have a love story? Oh anyway, let's skip that part!

Employees come and go. I remember when one of my dear colleagues finally left work early this year. Hopefully for much better future, so time to cross our fingers.

So, this is Agnes!

Our desks are side by side, so practically we're close and we kinda know almost everything we do with our computer. Ha! We got closer and grew to know each other much more when I helped here with my knowledge of lingerie. Yes!!! I gave her names of places where she could find some more for her fashion spread photoshoot matters. Then, we started knowing and sharing anything that happened around us. Let's say, thanks to insecurity! LOL xD

Her last day... well, I couldn't stay to celebrate her 'freedom' due to some domestic probs which forced me to go home soon. But before that, we went to a fashion show in Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. What's nice? Traffic! 

The shitty traffic, however, allowed us to talk more and had a silly kind of fun moments. Some things just happened twisted. It was the happiest traffic jam experience.

This is...her playlist!

Good luck with your new phase of career life, Agnes!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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