Monday, July 15, 2013

Marriage, Wedding On Another Side

In case you haven't heard, there was a book event in Jakarta last time the town had Car Free Day. So the campaign was to sell books in lower price and then the profit will be donated to children in remote areas. In this event, you can volunteer to sell those books or even to donate your second-hand ones.

But, I couldn't make it. Both on Saturday or Sunday. But I contacted them and they said they would need me to help them on Monday to tidying everything up. Saying yes, there I go.

You would be surprised of the people who organized it. Strangers helping strangers. That always impresses me. The person in charge was Zack, then I met his friend, Patar.

I can't say much as I was there for one hour only and didn't help a lot. But you can always think that miracle does happen. And books can be gems to some people.

Moreover, after Patar kept joking around with Zack and me, he later asked me, "Are you Chinese?" I answered, "Maybe, yeah." I wonder why people always question that to me, or why does it even matter? Then he told me, "My wife is Chinese, too. Well, I'm a Batak."

"Oh really? Hehehe, but how come you also have Chinese looking eyes?" I asked back, jokingly.

"Well yes, now I'm half Chinese."

Hmmm... "Oh?"

"When you're married, you're not two different people anymore. But you both are one. That's why, coz my wife is a Chinese then I'm half Chinese. So my wife, she's half Batak now."

It is very often for me to hear people say 'Two Become One' like in Spice Girls' song. (Yeah, the one that my ex boyfriend played as his wedding soundtrack). Somehow, no matter how often it has been spoken to me, that kind of thought never pops me in my head. I have never seen it that way before Patar mentioned such witty-yet-simple point of view.

Strangers...any time you meet one, or will never know what surprises come your way.

That moment makes me thinking. How could I miss it? Even though it doesn't make me think to want a marriage. But the moment I realize it was able to put a smile on my face. It was both good and absurd day. I can't agree more. It was very sweet thought, though.

Later on, the person in charge I contacted, Zack, told us that he was getting married.

Yep, everyone's getting married. Are you?

Or, you're gonna be alone like I am?

Since that day, I still can't get this song away from me. Maroon 5 with 'Love Somebody'. The music video idea is seriously awesome. It matches everything with me, the whole situation, things that bother in my head... literally everything. I miss to miss someone. Really do.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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