Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This is kinda my remedy
Funny! When you're clueless on why you're just still standing at the same place you were in 5 years ago, I'm feeling down. Obviously. To my surprise, the core problem is: I don't know how to make people like (or love) me. It caused me unable to reach my target to be 'Forbes' Rich Girl Under 25'. Ha! LOL not that... seriously!

Yes, because of you-can't-make-people-like-you = trouble! Always is. People will response Just-Be-Yourself thing is just not working to me. And we, now, have to face the fact that Just-Be-Yourself is SO OVERRATED! Truth. You can't be totally yourself in almost anywhere, including your own room. Why? Simple...

We have to blend ourselves.

We have to shape ourselves into a chain that connects us to the others. Forming power and harmony.


...but what if we're forming dark side of the world even more stupendous? We're playing God with power we want to have. What if so? Can we say 'no'?

I am no longer strong as I used to be. Something's changed. Well, everything changes. Me too. I guess it's normal. Or, maybe it's not. But maybe it's ok.

Sugar on the table. Bittersweet, coz you can't taste it.

Let me grow so I can touch the moon

Powerless, I'm in need of remedy. Sad songs move me too strongly. Shakes me so deep. Burning like fire in the water. My dear friend, circumstances, want me to play turning tables. I'm just not good enough. It's a real deal to sleep with eyes open, clarity in each air I breathe. Huh, how bittersweet it is...

I'm looking at the moon far above. It's still there... at the same spot shining by distance as it was 23 years ago when I was born. I want it. Touching the moon and dance over the sky. But la luna stays... and I'm here, not moving any closer.

Enjoy the songs... Everyone's Mixtape nails it!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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