Thursday, September 26, 2013


I was there for a day. From Jakarta to Semarang. I took off around 9ish, which caused me to waking up by forced around 6 and ran off to airport about thirty minutes later. 

And yes, I arrived very early. There was much time for me to stroll around, grabbed my Starbucks cup and had breakfast. I even had my quality time at Periplus and bought a comic strip. Garfield one, yay! Psst, this is my first time, traveling alone by myself. I'm a late bloomer in almost anything. So, kinda nervous...fear of getting lost, worried of missing the flight or skipped a procedural check-in step. But it went well... Only going to Semarang, anyway, taking one hour and a half to get there. 

Hmm...Semarang is a capital city of Central Java. Big city in the province. But, when you got there, you'd feel like being in the middle of 90s face of Jakarta and the Jakarta you've seen in previous five years. Well, another late bloomer it seems, yet, their people really has Jakarta as their resource. Not to mention, those people's eyes in the Paragon Mall were all around my cute boots.

I was sent to report the first Semarang Fashion Festival. I got to know a lot more people and met some fellow journalists from Jakarta. I won't tell how the event was like, as I have written about it in three different articles for three magazines. Bored? Yes! But, the event was nice, though.

As you see at the top of the blogspot, the sky that morning when I was on the plane was so-so. Nothing special. But I got nicer photos from the fashion show session and a little hangout after.

Me and Kerastase team went to a pastry store called Oen. Very vintage and famous for their delicious meals. They also served a la carte food, such as pasta and rice. But as I have eaten too much since I was there, my friend and I ordered Poffertjes to share. We proved it, it was nice.

I learned that Semarang was less traffic than it is in Jakarta. Hell, obviously! And their lifestyle is much different. Like I have written here before, you'll see the old look of the town and how the people live their lives like the Jakartans years ago. I could see that they still enjoy humane thingy, like having non-digitalized moments. I'm not saying the more digital you go, the less human you become. Nope! 

The point I absorb was they're enjoying meeting people and not driven by consumerism. When they said that Oen shop was famous, it wasn't crowded. Instead, it was very far from that. Only three tables were occupied when we were there. But, it IS famous and has been standing for years. What happens in Jakarta is...if a place served very yummy meals, then it will be crowded anytime. Remember Ocha & Bella?

The always nice if you enjoy it from above. I went home on the same day. Very tiring but fun!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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  1. Hi Miss Reith, the pics look great and that's cool Semarang is less of a consumer society than Jakarta, sounds like a nice place :)



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