Wednesday, October 16, 2013


As I might have told you before in one of my previous blog post, I have moved to work at Good Housekeeping Indonesia. Which is...good!

Indonesia will be the third country from around the world who is going to see the redesigned Good Housekeeping magazine. Obviously, with the new logo, new section names, and layouts. The contents? They're more engaging, dynamic and more updated. 

My first months were quite hectic-no hectic. Adapting myself with the new changes in the magazine isn't that easy, but I enjoy everything. This is my dream job. Guess, that what matters to me.

Below, you could see the cover of the first (reborn) Good Housekeeping magz. Anggun is in the cover!!! I can't believe it... coz I'm one of her biggest fans! Sooo proud of myself being involved in this issue with your fave French singer for the cover story.

As I arrived into the editorial team right at the time when the others were working on it, I didn't have many articles in this one. I got a lot of translating works, which were very challenging, like recipes! That one is my fave, by the way. For the very special issue, you can read (and try) the 10-page recipe sections. Some of them are on my waiting list to cook up!

This is going to be first recipe I'd try very soon!

Reborn is the main topic of this birthday issue. Oh I haven't told you that this is also GH's 10th bday. Just for an FYI, GH US is the oldest women magazine published by Hearst International, but we're still young-yet-mature in the age of 10! GH editors around the world sent their wishes and reborn tips to Indonesian team. Most of them make me realize how simple things could make you feel alive, happy and fresh. No need to look far away from where you're standing to get reborn.

As for my own reborn tips, I can tell that I feel like being reborn whenever I finish my favourite RPG-adventure video game, book or after watching good movies. Cooking, strolling outdoor or getting stuck in the middle of bookshelves in a library or book stores with good music on my ears will do, too!

Wish me luck with everything there! As well as for the magz and the team =)

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Date with... Doraemon!

I have a very special encounter with Doraemon. I was a little kid, watching Doraemon is a must. But my admiration grows as I get older. I know better about this amazing creation of Fujiko F. Fujio. 

Besides, I think we have sort of connections. I was born on the 9th day of the 3rd month, and Doraemon was born in the 9th month and on the 3rd day. Funny! Doraemon was initially named MS-903 in the factory he was made. MS was also my last two name initials. Marcella Steelhart.


It was a good day! For almost a month, there was a Doraemon expo in every Lippo-owned mall. One day before it ended, I finally managed to visit Plaza Semanggi. I was late, as there was only one small booth, selling Doraemon merchandise. Some were discounted, some weren't. Anyway, who cares?! It's Doraemon!

On the very last day, I visited Pejaten Village first. They said there's also Doraemon expo here with bigger booth. Yes... I bought two Doraemon tees, scrapbook album and ID neck strap. And that's it. Well, at least, I could find good stuff of Doraemon. Then, I hopped to another mall, which was Kemang Village! Once again, they said....the huge Doraemon expo was there!

Yep! It was... as you can see on the top of the blogpost. They greeted me with that tall arch! 

Here and there, Doraemon!

A big Doraemon stood and fenced at the outdoor entrance. I love it... I wish I went there with someone so I could have a pic of me with him. But I came there all alone. But I guess that was okay. Doraemon is always together with me in my heart. Only, I had no photo with him together as the result.

Here, Doraemon got the special stage, and the REAL EXPO! It felt like the Doraemon Museum in Kawasaki! Or maybe not that much. Well, for the first timer like me, this could work. I was lucky when I got there. Coz after I looked around the whole expo and bazaar for some time, I was surprised! I got a chance to meet Doraemon and the team! 

The mall hold a Doraemon show on the stage which didn't happen most of the time during the expo. But it was the last day and I was there = PERFECT! I could see Doraemon smiling and dancing a little bit. Very funny as he's chubby and cute. Another perfect thing about this Doraemon is... he could wink! Oh I wish I had the photo... 

The show, me and Doraemon, some details and my new stuff!

For those who doesn't know...yet... Doraemon was yellow when he was first created. This explained why he turned into blue cat-like robot. 

At this mini-expo, you can see giant comics, Doreamon's magic tools and the figurines. I even got a chance to take pics with Suneo and Giant. But I didn't get the chance to be with Shizuka...and Nobita and Doraemon. As for Shizuka, I got her pic while she was led into the expo hall, but the time ran out when I stepped closer to her. Too many people queued to take pics with them. 

As for Doraemon and Nobita, I didn't know. I wasn't informed. Well, I didn't check if there was a promotion. If you wanted to take pics with those two, you got to register and all. And it was the last day... so you know. 

The legendary anywhere door and time machine!

Lots of stuff! I was happy. I didn't mind flying away from home to the far far away Kemang and Pejaten to see Doraemon. I was fully satisfied, although I went there alone. 


Doraemon is a symbol of optimism that the future will be better than the present. His arrival from the 22nd century sent by Sewashi is a sign that things are going to be just fine in the next chapter of our lives if we start doing as good as possible by today.

One day, I will be sipping my hot Japanese tea under the falling Cherry Blossom petals in the spring... with Doraemon.

Lifetime obsession, timeless imaginary best friends.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Post-Panic Attack

I'm ready for the storm to come.
To come and shake the air and sky.
Tearing apart my courage.

My head is heavy right now.
I know it's falling against my body's will.
The will to keep on standing tall...or maybe just to sit still.

The music is on. Plays with upside down mood.
Cracking the soul that is as hard as a stone.
But is a magic like a drop of water that make a small hole that matters on the surface.

The lyric was 'I'll be around...'
'I'll be around' sang along for three times in a row.
Opening my eyes, I prove it wrong.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...