Wednesday, October 16, 2013


As I might have told you before in one of my previous blog post, I have moved to work at Good Housekeeping Indonesia. Which is...good!

Indonesia will be the third country from around the world who is going to see the redesigned Good Housekeeping magazine. Obviously, with the new logo, new section names, and layouts. The contents? They're more engaging, dynamic and more updated. 

My first months were quite hectic-no hectic. Adapting myself with the new changes in the magazine isn't that easy, but I enjoy everything. This is my dream job. Guess, that what matters to me.

Below, you could see the cover of the first (reborn) Good Housekeeping magz. Anggun is in the cover!!! I can't believe it... coz I'm one of her biggest fans! Sooo proud of myself being involved in this issue with your fave French singer for the cover story.

As I arrived into the editorial team right at the time when the others were working on it, I didn't have many articles in this one. I got a lot of translating works, which were very challenging, like recipes! That one is my fave, by the way. For the very special issue, you can read (and try) the 10-page recipe sections. Some of them are on my waiting list to cook up!

This is going to be first recipe I'd try very soon!

Reborn is the main topic of this birthday issue. Oh I haven't told you that this is also GH's 10th bday. Just for an FYI, GH US is the oldest women magazine published by Hearst International, but we're still young-yet-mature in the age of 10! GH editors around the world sent their wishes and reborn tips to Indonesian team. Most of them make me realize how simple things could make you feel alive, happy and fresh. No need to look far away from where you're standing to get reborn.

As for my own reborn tips, I can tell that I feel like being reborn whenever I finish my favourite RPG-adventure video game, book or after watching good movies. Cooking, strolling outdoor or getting stuck in the middle of bookshelves in a library or book stores with good music on my ears will do, too!

Wish me luck with everything there! As well as for the magz and the team =)

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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