Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Things I Don't Understand

Apparently, the news about rape case against a poet named... SS went rampant. I bet you all choose not to comment on the case, I don't know any of these people involved.

But what triggers me to say something like because what bothers me. And what bothers is how people (including women) react on why the victim (7-month-old pregnant college student) filed the case when it's almost too late. Ok, people try to make their guesses, "Maybe the deal with the guy is still unsettled or settled with not enough money given, so then she decided to report!", or "She could be have an affair with the guy, but when she got pregnant and he refused not to marry her as he's married, she changed her mind to report and stated that she was actually raped."

Why do people's assumption on rape cases always tend to stress that it's only a woman's lie? Why don't these people (including women) have any respect on other woman? Doesn't matter if there have been so many cases in the past where the woman lied, because in the past, there have been so many cases either where the guy were really being a jerk. One made-up case doesn't mean the next cases will be ended up the same. Why do these people (including women) hate other women that they prefer to oppress them?

And why...people tend to respect and even have sympathy towards the guy that he's being reported and life will surely be hard on him at time like this?


What's the problem with writing as a hobby? What's wrong with reading books? Well, take a look at my experience on this.

A few days ago, I went to a hotel for an event they held. I arrived there so early. At the time, nothing was happening, so it made me confused. I asked the front desk officer who were also confused. In the end, nobody was that helpful. 

Then came a girl who I thought as the Public Relations officer. She didn't even look at me, and just mingle around with the other journos. Then, after I showed I was quite furious, I went back to my seat and the girl stopped before me and smiled. I smiled back. But that's it. 

I decided to call my office and stating clearly on the phone of what's happening there. "Should I just go back?," I asked my colleague on the phone. In the end, I decided to grab lunch at a nice resto next to the hotel while I'm waiting for the driver to pick me up. I just don't want to eat anything served in that hotel. They serve badly, no hospitality.

After that, I went back to the hotel and waited. This time, the PR girl came up to me and asked, "Are you a journo?". I said, yes. And I told her I didn't get what it all meant. Everything was so messed up. She was mistakenly at first, thinking that I didn't speak Indonesian. Beh...

She sat to me and explained everything and cleared up all the misunderstanding. As a PR, she doesn't have a nice English accent, so you'd hear her as she's got to spit out something. Well, guess, this girl was my age. She, then, started to speak with me as we're friends already. Her approach was simply like college student just making friends.

She told me that she was confused the first time she saw me. Whether I'm a journo or just random hotel guests. But why don't you just ask? Yet, less in a minute, she forgot. She suddenly asked, "where did you sit? I just saw you just now and I didn't see you before this." Hmm...lied too quickly.

We sat again when she offered me a drink. She asked me, "Why do you choose Mass Communication studies?" I said that I love to write. And she just cut me and said, "Oh, you're just like my friend. She also loves to write bla bla bla...extrovert like you." Wait, what? "Then, I asked her to join me and my friends, then she started to become a lil bit, oh sorry I meant she was introvert, so she is a lil extrovert now," she continued. Like, ok... is anything wrong with being introvert? Anything weird with the fond of writing? What a narrow-minded stereotype!

What's worse? It's when she started to talk about herself on why she chose the university she went to, giving aloud her lame and standard reason as she said, 'the school makes me a better person.'

Kill me!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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  1. Unfortunately a lot of women follow the patriarchy perpetuated by men. Women can sometimes be other womens worst enemies. Just because one woman lied about rape doesn't mean they all are, if anything rape is under-reported in society, a lot of wives are raped by their husbands but you can understand choose not to go to the police for fear of retribution from their husbands.

    It's very sad. Adam


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