Monday, March 4, 2013

The Cooking Continues...

Remember I wrote a blogspot two days ago about cooking plan? Well, I didn't do it on Friday nite. I ended up receiving a call from an old friend. Which meant... 'long-time-no-see friend' and 'a friend who is kinda old enough, hmph, older than me'. No offense.

What did I eat? I ate my ready salad I bought at FoodHall. It's potato, smoked beef and cheese with the toppings! I also bought my mom one, but it's more to vegetables. As I don't eat vegetables, so potato it is. Yet, 2am in the morning, I watched AFC and cooked myself Udon! I won't never get bored having Udon everyday in my life. Sadly, no tempura involved.

Shopping the ingredients at FoodHall was nice. I bought smoked beef, just in case my niece misses my yummy creamy Fetucinne with smoked beef. People there, I assumed, very friendly and helpful. They were willing to answer all my detail questions.

They helped me looking for salmon. But for this salmon case, it's rather distinguished. I call it so, because it's kinda complicated. They have two kinds of salmon sold in different spots. One is near the sushi thingy, and it's Tasmanian salmon. You can eat it raw, like for making sashimi, or grilled. The guy told me if you want to grill it, choose the back of the fish as it has less fat. Or with more fat, choose the stomach part.

On the other part, they sell Salmon near the other fishy and prawns! That one is Norwegian Salmon that you can't eat raw and is specialized for grill. I already bought the first Tasmanian. The guy even packed it with ice, I said yes, so couldn't just throw it away. That's not nice! Eventually, I bought this one also.

Remember my recipe for Grilled Salmon with Greek Yogurt? That salmon buddies go for it.

As for the prawns for Shrimp Garlic Recipe from, I didn't get any problem except I bought very small portion. I didn't know how much I might need it. So, I told the other guy who taught me the difference between the Tasmanian and Norwegian salmon, "I want 20!" It turned out only a few. I moved to Ranch Market and found (seemed-to-be preserved) Salmon filled that less cheaper. D'Oh! That's ok!

I cooked it on Saturday nite. 9pm. Late for cooking, but who cares? As long as I have the whole kitchen for me! As the prawns are only these few... I cooked with half recipe. I did it!

My Garlic Shrimp!

I didn't use Red Pepper flakes as it's written in the recipe, coz when I was shopping, I thought I still had some. But the truth was... none left. So, I used substitute, which was black pepper! The caper brine I bought at Ranch Market was great! As for the Italian parsley, I didn't find it, so I choose basil. Not too much. I don't eat vegetables. My mom initially suggested to use lettuce, but the smell won't blend nicely. So, basil it is...

My cook, based my own review, the butter was too much. I should choose my Elle et Vire butter. But the Orchard butter was left opened so I chose it. Not so good. The smell wasn't pretty! And, a bit too much... Sad.

Back to Grilled Salmon with Greek Yogurt recipe.... This, I cooked it just now!

Attention! I couldn't find any Greek Yogurt. So there, in Ranch Market, I googled with my smartphone, that Mayonnaise could be a good substitute. Not great, but good. But, I was quite lucky for the fresh Dill. Didn't find the fresh one, except this...

And I can also find the Tortilla wrap!

Also this!
Three new friends from the Disney Egg Chocolate! Just an intermezzo...

I also made half-recipe, using the Norwegian Salmon. With extra pepper of course! And as the fillet was too small and the wrap was kinda too big. I'll cut half, again!

So, these two's all about dividing into half.

And, I'm going to put some lettuce!

You know why I'm so excited?! This was my very first cooking with marinade process... Yeah! So below is the picture of all the ingredients used for marinade. Before and after combined. With extra pepper, of course.

Before and After ^^

Then, spreading it to the whole salmon fillets....

Oh, I'm a happy creature!

On the recipe, it was told to keep the marinade in the fridge for one hour, but as the situation in the kitchen not so supportive (my mom was using the kitchen and my sis was eating there), I let it for another hour...  Here's a pic, right away from the fridge. I can guarantee: it's cold!

I grilled them with indoor kitchen. I don't have BBQ grill or bla-bla-bla. Just use my pan and grill. No oil involved. Once it's done, I put my lettuce to half-cut Tortilla wrap, put the mayonnaise sauce and the salmon! Say, 'Yay!'

This time, the grilled salmon episode of my life made me nervous. My mom wanted to try it, so it should be tasty. She told me that the grilled salmon was less spiced. Could be, the salmon should be sliced thinner, therefore the spices in marinade process will be absorbed better.

My Grilled Salmon Wrap!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Super D'Oh!

What a shame...
 ...on me!

You know what? You don't, do you? Well, it seems that this year...of 2013, I am not lucky enough to attend Java Jazz. I'm sad! Usually, all these years, I'd always got free tickets. For me and my friend. All 3-day pass, and sometimes, with special show tickets! THIS YEAR, not even one daily ticket. This is not cool!

Now, today... it's the first day of Java Jazz. I haven't bought any. Coz:

1. I just realize that I might not get any ticket, free ones from my bro's office (yes, free ones, shame on me again), just yesterday! One day before.... Ugh!

2. From my very first experience of Java Jazz, I never figure out how to buy the tickets myself.

3. And now, it's about to start, I wanna go, but how can I make it quick? Where to buy on the D-day?

Ok, I'm lame!

What makes me disappointed that I'm going to miss Joss Stone! Also, Lee Ritenour and Craig David. Not fun! I'm officially turning into a boring person.

I feel goddamn so...

Maybe, I can justify. I have deadlines to conquer. For my work and side job!

And, I'll be home for them, then...

Besides, I need rest. Craig David is going to perform on Sunday night. How is it possible for me, if I got the ticket, to go watching but keep on working on the next day, which is our lovely Monday I suppose?

Anyway, for not being cool. I won't make it worst. Maybe some of you will see that I do.

What I'm going to do tonight is... cooking!

It's been long time, I've been waiting to cook this Grilled Salmon Wraps with Greek Yogurt. The photo of the cuisine seems cute and tasty. And easy! Besides, it's going to be my first time cooking with marinade process. But I wonder if I can find any Greek yogurt at the supermarket here in Jakarta. Also with the Tortilla wraps!

And... weekend is consisted of two and a quarter days, isn't it? A quarter day of Friday, and 2 days: Saturday and Sunday. So, after trying that recipe above, I'm also going to cook this Garlic Shrimp Recipe from this blog, which isn't going to be the first time for me. First time, fail! This time won't!

Not to miss. I'm going to bake some cupcakes...

I will try both FoodHall and Ranch Market at Grand Indonesia to shop all the ingredients. Hopefully I find them all!

Will report soon after I hit the deadline...

Ohh, I wish I can just get away forgetting the fact that I don't get the Java Jazz ticket this year... Wish this article finishes soon, too!

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...