Monday, July 15, 2013

Marriage, Wedding On Another Side

In case you haven't heard, there was a book event in Jakarta last time the town had Car Free Day. So the campaign was to sell books in lower price and then the profit will be donated to children in remote areas. In this event, you can volunteer to sell those books or even to donate your second-hand ones.

But, I couldn't make it. Both on Saturday or Sunday. But I contacted them and they said they would need me to help them on Monday to tidying everything up. Saying yes, there I go.

You would be surprised of the people who organized it. Strangers helping strangers. That always impresses me. The person in charge was Zack, then I met his friend, Patar.

I can't say much as I was there for one hour only and didn't help a lot. But you can always think that miracle does happen. And books can be gems to some people.

Moreover, after Patar kept joking around with Zack and me, he later asked me, "Are you Chinese?" I answered, "Maybe, yeah." I wonder why people always question that to me, or why does it even matter? Then he told me, "My wife is Chinese, too. Well, I'm a Batak."

"Oh really? Hehehe, but how come you also have Chinese looking eyes?" I asked back, jokingly.

"Well yes, now I'm half Chinese."

Hmmm... "Oh?"

"When you're married, you're not two different people anymore. But you both are one. That's why, coz my wife is a Chinese then I'm half Chinese. So my wife, she's half Batak now."

It is very often for me to hear people say 'Two Become One' like in Spice Girls' song. (Yeah, the one that my ex boyfriend played as his wedding soundtrack). Somehow, no matter how often it has been spoken to me, that kind of thought never pops me in my head. I have never seen it that way before Patar mentioned such witty-yet-simple point of view.

Strangers...any time you meet one, or will never know what surprises come your way.

That moment makes me thinking. How could I miss it? Even though it doesn't make me think to want a marriage. But the moment I realize it was able to put a smile on my face. It was both good and absurd day. I can't agree more. It was very sweet thought, though.

Later on, the person in charge I contacted, Zack, told us that he was getting married.

Yep, everyone's getting married. Are you?

Or, you're gonna be alone like I am?

Since that day, I still can't get this song away from me. Maroon 5 with 'Love Somebody'. The music video idea is seriously awesome. It matches everything with me, the whole situation, things that bother in my head... literally everything. I miss to miss someone. Really do.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

[REVIEW] Welcome to the Rileys

Someone saw me depressed. Yeah.. that's weird, isn't it? She's not even someone close to me.

In this kind of confusing phase, I think the song that would go perfectly to my situation is Chasing Pavement by Adele. Coz it's been what I'm doing lately these times. I don't know how to stay out of trouble or make my life back on track, figure out the things that go wrong... Not so smart for that.

This been a tough year. I feel I'm turning into dull person with stiff brain, clueless mind. Add scared fingers to type with to the list. I just don't know what I am. To entertain myself, I re-watched Twilight Saga movies. From Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2. Oh yeah... Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dig it!

But then I landed to watch Kristen Stewart's other movies. Independent movies mostly. Well I appreciate actress who love to work for indie ones. Anyway, she can act despite other negative (and harsh) critics thrown to her. The indie movies are the proofs.

Started from Speak, The Yellow Handkerchief to... Welcome to the Rileys. These movies helped me filling my hollow moment during the empty weekend. When you're feeling so down, drowning into the dark where you can't see yourself anymore, watching movies will take you out.


So the movie, Welcome to the Rileys, really played my emotion. It's touchy, a bit funny with foul words and a little sad. When something makes you feel mixed emotions, you'll feel like you're just back being human. So I guess it's the way this movie worked on me. Thanks then.

The story is quite simple-old couple who has decent life, looks fine outside, yet keeping their spaces apart from each other. Married for 30 years, both of the husband and the wife who has lost their 15-year-old daughter drag themselves into sadness caused by the tragic loss. Unconsummated marriage, passion-less and disconnection to the outside world was the background story of the two.

Doug, the husband, was involved in an affair with a waitress who later dies of heart attack, causing him to be lost even more. While, his wife locks herself in the house as guilt surrounds her days.

Later, Doug travels to New Orleans for business trip and accidentally meets an underage stripper (and prostitute). The name is Mallory, or Jennifer, Roxy, or many other she keeps changing to different clients of hers. But the real name is Alison. Unlike Doug and his wife Lois, she's obviously troubled, wild and unstoppable with explosive emotion. She stays in a run down house, next to her co worker, only with better looking house and kids along.

Things between Doug and Mallory gets odd. He offers $100 a day to stay in her house, as well as tidying and cleaning it up, ordering a proper bed and fixing the lights. Far deep, Doug is actually trying to give away his fatherly love to Mallory as she's rather similar to his late daughter, Emily. By helping her out of trouble, he sees that he could help himself for gaining his lost life---truly, by just being a father.

On the other side, Lois is trying to fight the grief and fear by facing the sunlight, getting into her car and drive. She senses something is wrong with Doug and plans to save her marriage. When she finally meets up with Doug, she is terrified seeing how messed-up Mallory looks like and what she does for living. But in the end, she is willing to stay in the house with them, also reviving herself by acting as a mom to Mallory. Through talking with her, Lois is felt opened up that it's not her fault that an accident happened to her real daughter.

Having Mallory together, Lois and Doug go too far. Losing themselves again by thinking if she's their daughter, while the truth is she can't be and doesn't want to be.

It is a quite tricky situation that most people are usually trapped into. Where people are lost and troubled in their own way. What seems outside doesn't reflect what's inside becomes a barrier to overcome in understanding each other. Like in iceberg theory. It takes heart-to-heart talk to see things through like Mallory and Lois do, as their biggest problem is what lies deep down within one self. The unspoken connection has been the string that enlivens the whole story which is actually just simple.

After flat-feeling plot, the story comes to its peak: The troubled young girl ends the old couple's self problem in her way. Leaving them with no choice, except to realize that they couldn't do the same 'parental' mistakes to her and move on.

What I learn from the movie is... sometimes second chance is not always sweet. It is an opportunity what's wrong in the past, let us forgives ourselves and not about repeating the same thing in right way. Also, that we would never know who will be our life savior.

Exactly like what I have written before, in the beginning the story is just so flat. Lack of music scoring could be one of the reasons that I was hardly moved by the introduction part. It's questionable, though. But then, power of the story starts to be clear when the personal collision happens among the characters which is good.

As for the characters, they are well-portrayed by James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo and Kristen Stewart. Gandolfini and Leo certainly are very convincing in depicting the situation the couple's facing in the story line, and Stewart shows that she can really bring the destructive soul into Mallory who is totally different from Bella Swan.

I rate this 4 out of 5.

P.S. Well, I will start putting non-book reviews in this blog, as for book ones, you can always read it on my bookblog.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...