Thursday, January 8, 2015

Latest Published Work (November 2014 - GH)

Yay! Forgot to post about this, and it made me happy again today!

After I resigned, I went to US for... many things. Have I ever written about this before in one of my last posts? I never remember what I've posted here. Well, Disneyworld in Florida was one of the plans. Months after back at home, I sold the article on a different angle about that large and lovely theme park. Yes, childhood revives in Disneyworld!

You can read the whole article on Good Housekeeping Indonesia - November 2014 issue. You can always buy the back issue directly to their office (Distribution dept., of course).

Some other pictures I took at Disneyworld can be seen in my Instagram. So if you're planning to go there, you know what you'll find and see there, plan what you're gonna do there, too. And if you have, you could have a little nostalgia.

The fireworks of Epcot seen from my penthouse's balcony.

The one and only... Cinderella's Castle. (That doesn't mean I'm Cinderella's fan, I'm totally not!)

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