Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tiny Piece of Shit

When shits come, my body temperature instantly raises! I was boiling for a whole day today and I was like, "what happened to me?". But my logic brain said, "no, nothing. It's just natural phase when you're surrounded by annoying culture." Then, I can conclude---I'm getting crazy... I just talked to myself all alone! Whoa...

I remember last week, when I was brainstorming with my editor. She said many times she saw adult guys played in game center, looking so serious. "Maybe that's their way to release stress," she told me. Could be right, I guess.

And just today, I got the chance to prove it. Note that currently it's rainy season and I have a big backyard. Why? The problem continues at home. Cockroaches. They came up from the river, sneaked into my house through the pipe at the backyard. D'oh! Usually, I go crazy with the 'magic spray'---like spraying one roach till dead...till the can is empty. Yes, one can 'magic spray' for one alive-but-soon-to-die roach. It makes me feel awesome!

I wish I can just my dad's gun to shoot. Sadly, he'd sold it long time ago.

Back to... Today! I'm so excited to tell you that I just released some stress in my head by killing one. Somebody in the house might have sprayed it until the body was upside down, left it that way near the garden by thinking it might be dead already. It's not! I was passing by and the feet moved. As I couldn't find the spray, I grabbed the liquid hand soap from the bathroom. Strawberry flavor. Fed the roach with a few drops, but I, accidentally, pushed too much...

The feet moved even quicker. Until it stopped moving and died tragically. I just knew that over-dropping liquid hand soap (it could be the strawberry flavor that kills) could make a dramatic effect to dying roaches. Too bad, they don't like strawberry.

One thing shocked me was...on few days ago. There were lots of roaches at the backyard due to higher water level as it rained a lot. One roach died. I didn't know how. I realized there was a dead roach when I saw another roach, alive, stood still. I was about to get into the backyard and it ran away, leaving the view of a dead one below its body. Before I made noise, the roach just stood there, didn't move a little. But I noticed that it looked like there were two roaches. I thought they were mating. After I knew that the other one was dead, I was like... "OMG! A roach can be necrophilia?!" Oh yes, nature can be so shockingly surprising.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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  1. Sama nih sama ane, kalau lagi apes badan emang jadi gak enak banget sist. Nice sharing, love your writing ^^


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