Monday, October 31, 2016

Where Am I Now?

It all started last year when I made the most righteous decision. I quit my job for giving another pressure test on myself.

What would I be? 
What would I want? 
What should I do?

I made the right decision. Not the most righteous, maybe. But I did a good thing to leave all people and place that I don't want to spend for another year, and not to change into someone I don't want to become.

One year has passed. Lots of things have happened, more than I can tell you. It was (always) a rough journey. Things get tougher each day on and I land to the question I address to myself, would I ever make it? Second chances have been given and taken. I cannot make more mistakes. Which... is... hard.

I enjoyed everything that comes my way. Balance is still the thing I'm struggling for.

Here I am... just published my first book, Reuni, and almost pushing a year in a creative agency, serving as a Public Relations consultant.

It was last year that I decided to end everything. Almost everything that shapes me who I am now. I have reached the point when you know what matters to you, who are true to you, and of which you'll need to keep in your life---what to abandon from your hands (sadly, though).

Again in my quarter life crisis, I did a change for myself, in order to break all the curse.

I left my work and start writing the story of a guy who needs to beat the shit out of him. Pushing 30 years old yet still clueless. He might not be 100% kind of a guy I always dream of, but some part of him was random fragments I have in life, whether it's related to me or not.

The book is written by another two writers I have known for so long. Hally and Joe. Turned out we have to collaborate for a book. Literally, one book together. One novel. Not an anthology. So I said to them, what if we make a story how one incident involving three people? An incident---a misunderstanding---always left different perceptions from each person involved and those perceptions could scatter them away.

So there it went... I wrote the story while I was enduring the ups and downs deciding my next step in career, post-mall PRgirl.

Now, I'm entering another phase in life. Don't we all?

That was my one Friday night.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...