My name Brigida Alexandra Marcella. Born in 1990, a communication studies graduate, a survived teacher, a learning photographer and an ex-journo. Now, a Public Relations specialist and writer based in Jakarta.

You can say, I'm a Lois Lane that has career change to PR girl. Always fascinated with stories, challenge and danger. Coz I believe that 'there must be more that this provincial life'.

My first novel 'Reuni' (the Reunion) has been published in October 2016. I have been working as a freelance content writer for media and websites while I'm working as a full-time PR consultant.

With several experience of reporting for media, I'm turning into a girl that can jump from art and technology, to media issues, politics and feminism. Also, I'm a movie junkie, adventurous city girl, amateur photographer, happy homechef, bookstagrammer, dog lover, and aspiring 'bunny'---random multitasker. Live Life Limitless is my motto.

As a book junkie, I'm a bookblogger at Read and Caffeinated blog.

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Email me --- brigida dot alexandra at gmail dot com
You can also reach me @brigidalexandra on Twitter and Instagram
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Since the age of 15, I started writing stories. Dreaming to be investigation or war journalist. Yet, I started to enliven my imagination by making two 3D animation movies and won some awards in one of National Art and Technology Competitions in the country with my school friends.

My years with journalism were random. I wrote wedding stories, lifestyle, food/music/concert/book/film reviews, travel, recipes, sex, health, money and fashion/beauty issues. Part of fashion, I did fashion styling and product styling for still life photography. During those amazing years, I had some freelance jobs that landed from copy writing, photography to marketing/PR thingy in communication agencies, art council and designer's house.

Photography is one thing that make my life come in balance. I got my first DLSR camera in 2009, so I could revive her childhood hobby in photography. I don't have any specific dreams in photography, but it completes other stuffs I like or for I'm working at. Anything that catches my sight, you'll hear the shutter button clicked!

Since 2010, media, PR and film festival have been my things. At the same time, my personal project is Read and Caffeinated BookBlog, together with this blog, I call these two: The Interesting Stranger Projects.

I speak English, French, and Indonesian.

A straight gay-friendly person.

I will love do volunteering work for human and animal rights. Any programme? Contact me!

A dreamer, tough and rough, but fun! A hard-worker and idealistic. Still sleep with my stuffed animals and bake or cook anything tasty. Write without fear (with beer or coffee or tea, choose!)

And oh yeah, I was born and lived in mixed culture and religion society and various interests the world ever had. So don't question on the random things I've ever written in here.

....anyway, I'm a multitasker (Psst... I got ADD and ADHD) and made of a lot of (random) things (could be like Chemical X included).

Guess, I'm no more a stranger, aren't I?

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