I'm made of sugar, salt, chili, chocolate, pastel-hued cotton candy and Chemical X. 

Being an introvert makes me more comfortable with writing stuff. I have a messy, random and talkative mind to battle what annoys me, and I need to set those thoughts inside me free.

Born in 90s, yet stuck in 70s and 80s songs. 
My life has been randomized from years of journalism, activism, switching to be PRgirl, publishing a book, and many unexpected surprising adventures along the way and keep counting.

I'm a bookworm, movie junkie, adventurous city girl, instant photographer, happy home cook, bookstagrammer, dog lover, and aspiring 'bunny'---a total random multitasker.

Aiming to live life limitless, I'm interested in foreign languages, history, art, movies, technology, media issues, cooking, baking, content creation, game, politics, startup business, conspiracy theory, counterterrorism studies and feminism. 

A hard-worker and idealistic yet still sleep with my stuffed animals.